Navy is the new Tan

Those who know me will tell you that I am the Queen of tan. If a pair of shoes, a handbag or any kind of accessory is available in a tan colour I’ll be at the front of the queue. Tan is a fail-safe timeless classic, something that goes with everything and my go to colour. That’s why I just had to dedicate my first post to a few gems that are so wonderful they have converted the tan fan!

Two of my favourite brands, Fairfax & Favour and South West Ten, in my new favourite colour – Navy

Fairfax & Favor

I have been a huge fan of Fairfax & Favor (that’s putting it mildly – I’m pretty much obsessed) since I discovered this fabulous British brand at Burghley Horse Trials a number of years ago and its so easy to see why. Since then I have found any excuse to expand my ever growing collection and, as you will see from my upcoming posts, there really is a pair of Fairfax and Favor’s for every occasion. The brand exudes country elegance and luxury,  producing handmade shoes and boots from the highest quality finest suedes and leathers.

It’s hard to choose which pair of shoes to pick, but this post is dedicated to the Heeled Reginas in Navy. As with every pair of shoes I have received from Fairfax & Favor, the finish is excellent and the extra added touches such as the signature orange leather inside stamped with the Fairfax and Favor logo, the scalloped edge, and leather sole transform a good boot into a fantastic boot. What really makes these boots stand out is the interchangeable tassels which gives a personal touch. I styled mine with the ‘vista blue’ tassels but I also love the tangerine or pink for a total contrast.


I have a particular love affair with the Heeled Reginas as they can take you from day to evening or smart to casual so easily and being a petite 5’2.5″ (yes that 0.5 is important!) the heel gives just a touch of much needed lift. As the heel is only slight, they are also perfect for taller ladies and the comfort is not compromised, I often wear mine to all day events that involve lots of walking.

The navy colour is something different and at first I did wonder what I could wear them with, it turns out the answer is everything! These boots are so classically elegant they look great with dark jeans, white jeans or even a dress.


South West Ten

I’ve continued the navy theme with the gorgeous fur lined parka from South West Ten. I was first introduced to this wonderfully opulent British brand at the end of last year and I immediately fell in love with everything! I had my eye on a traditional khaki parka with natural fur (natural colours are another fail safe option for me) but had my mind changed when I saw the navy version. The white fur trim is really luxurious and gives a certain special occasion feel – it’s definitely not something I would wear on the farm! However, these jackets are so stylish yet practical that you could wear it pretty much anywhere. I have virtually lived in mine since receiving it a few weeks ago, it’s so warm and cosy -it’s like receiving a great big hug every time I put it on, and is bang on trend too, what more could a girl want?

This coat makes me feel like a super stylish Eskimo!

I opted for the short parka with rabbit fur trim as I felt the long was just a little too long for me, but the sizing is perfect. There are so many options to choose that there is something for every occasion, South West Ten even offer a personalised parka option where you can design your own parka, a completely bespoke service that really adds a touch of decadence to your shopping experience. The service from this company is also excellent, delivery is prompt (and free in the UK!), I can’t recommend enough. I already have my eye on the next purchase…watch this space!

Like what you see?

If you have fallen in love, like I have with any of the products featured above you can shop the Fairfax & Favor Navy Heeled Reginas online here or the South West Ten Navy Fur Parka online here.

Both companies offer prompt delivery (I received a pair of boots from Fairfax and Favor the day after I ordered them!). Also look out for the added extras such as handwritten notes and beautiful packaging that really make your shopping experience wonderful.

Let me know what you think

I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences on either product. All I can do is apologise in soon get addicted!


      1. I have only recently come across your blog but I love it. However I am so torn between the fairfax navy/ tan. I’d normally take the ‘screw it get both’ approach but unfortunately in this case I can’t afford to at the moment. So torn!! X


      2. Hi Laura,

        Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I would definitely recommend both, but if you only want to choose the one I would say it completely depends on the type of clothes that you usually wear. For me, if I was picking the one pair, I would probably go with the tan because I wear more browns than I do blues. What types of colours do you usually wear? Do you have any other brown or blue boots? x x


  1. Great post, I was stuck between the navy and tan boots. You’ve made me feel confident about purchasing the navy pair as I too were unsure about what they would go with. Look forward to seeing more xx


    1. Hi Hayley, thank you for your comment I’m so glad it’s given you an idea on the navy boots! They really are wonderful, something a little bit different too. Let me know how you get on with them xx


    1. Oh thank you, so glad to hear you like it! I will be blogging as often as I can I hadn’t thought about daily blogging yet but it is something I’m definitely considering. Make sure you subscribe and you’ll get a notification every time I have a new post 🙂 x


  2. I will subscribe. Its interesting how you found fairfax and favor at Burghley, I have never been to an event like this which shows do you recommend ?


    1. I would definitely recommend Burghley, but also Badminton Horse Trials too, they have some fabulous stands with lots of independent companies so is a great place to discover new things! Depending on your hobbies and interests, I would also recommend the Game Fair too. There are lots of country fairs throughout the year I’d be happy to advise you on a few to attend if you let me know what kind of thing you are looking for. X


      1. Thanks. I am looking for shopping , show jumping most of all ?

        Do they encourage picnics ?

        Do you think you will go to Burghley and badminton this year?

        Many questions lol!


      2. I am definitely going to be at both Badminton and Burghley this year, eventing is what I love to do with my horses so I always try and attend those two events (cross country day is always the best day to go but very busy). You are most welcome to take picnics, I often do but there are also plenty of food stalls selling local produce.

        In terms of shopping I would highly recommend both of these events but if you are looking for a showjumping focus too then I would suggest maybe the Royal Windsor Horse Show, or definitely Olympia later in the year.

        I hope this is helpful but please let me know if you need anything else! 🙂 x


    1. The Saturday is the most popular – cross country day so I think this is why the tickets are unfortuantely more expensive. It’s definitely worth visiting on this day if you are an eventing enthusiast, but if like you said you were interested in the show jumping aspect visit on the Sunday – you’ll get to see lots of show jumping and the shopping is the same on every day!


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