Girl Power!

One of my greatest hobbies is shooting, particularly (for now!) clay pigeon shooting. However this is a sport that has been dominated by men for years and is not generally seen as something women get involved in. Thankfully that is starting to change thanks to all ladies shooting clubs such as the Femmes Fatales and The Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club.

Femmes Fatales

The Femmes Fatales are a team of kick-ass girls headed up by Lydia and Rachel (the most glamorous girls around) that are working hard to challenge the misconception that shooting is a male sport and are looking to encourage ladies of all abilities to get involved. Everyone is made to feel welcome regardless of ability or experience. What I love most about this group is the glamour – fashion is not forgotten out on the clay field!

I have been to a number of the Femmes Fatales events and am a regular attendee at the Derbyshire days which are hosted by my fabulous friend Lucy – if you get chance to come along to an event, this is one you don’t want to miss (the rocky roads are to die for!). Saying that, all of the team are lovely and host the most fantastic days at some of the most beautiful grounds in the country. The most important thing though is that, wherever you go, you meet a group of like-minded ladies and have a great time, I have met so many of my wonderful friends through the Femmes Fatales.

Femmes Fatales Cup 2016

So yesterday (Saturday 30th April), Lydia and Rachel hosted the second Annual Femmes Fatales Cup at the glorious Royal Berkshire Shooting School. This event is highly anticipated in every Femmes Fatales members calendar for so many reasons – the ground is possibly one of the most beautiful in the country, the shooting is awesome, its a chance to catch up with girls from all over the country, oh and did I mention the prize pile…

The beautiful Royal Berkshire Shooting School…how lucky were we with the weather!
The prizes up for grabs were eye watering. Well done to everyone who won something – very well deserved!

This was my first Femmes Fatales Cup, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect other than knowing I’d have a fantastic day with my friends. We travelled down the evening before to have dinner and drinks with some of the other Femmes Fatales which was lovely and a chance to catch up before the shooting began.

The girls were split into different categories – Novice or Experienced depending on ability with some amazing prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each group. As I have shot before, two of my friends and I elected to enter the experienced group (I’d say we’re definitely more intermediate but we thought we’d give it a go). The targets were seriously challenging and probably some of the hardest I’d shot before so I didn’t end up with a great score, but that didn’t really matter. Of course everyone wants to do well (I had my eye on a stunning Holland Cooper Gold Label cape – I mean who wouldn’t want one of those?!), but it wasn’t the main focus of the day. The whole team pulled together and really encouraged one another and despite the rest of our squad being total pros, we didn’t feel like we were rubbish. The aim of the day was for everyone to have fun and to be honest, even with a below average score, it was hard not to – there were so many other things going on.

In action! Shooting the fantastic grouse butt..a superb target and one to test even the most experienced shots

After shooting, we went back to the club house for the prize givings (all ladies walked away happy with a brilliant goody bag), a well earnt glass of Taittinger – don’t worry – all guns had been safely stowed away at this point! and a delicious two course lunch. I had such a fantastic day, met so many more new friends, had a blast with the old ones and got to really challenge my shooting ability on some amazing targets – even though my score wasn’t great, I can take away things to improve on but also things to be proud of (a score of 6 out of 8 on an incredibly high tower is definitely something to be happy about!).

                IMG_4153          IMG_4156                IMG_4130

Enjoying a well deserved glass of Champers and participating in the selfie competition


There were sooo many amazing outfits on show yesterday and everyone looked gorgeous! Head over to the Style Guide to see what I wore.


The Femmes Fatales Cup 2016 Team Photo – a group of fantastic ladies and a great day had by all

See for yourself

I couldn’t recommend a Femmes Fatales event highly enough – next years cup is already a date in the diary! There are so many events all across the country now that it is hard not to find one close by, but if there isn’t why not make a weekend of it and have a girls night the evening before/after?

If you want any more information on the Femmes Fatales you can find it online here or drop me a message. Happy Shooting! x


  1. Superb day out by the looks of it .

    Will you be shooting at bun club national ladies on 27 June?


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