Shooting Style

Yesterday I attended the second annual Femmes Fatales Cup, head over to Lifestyle to read all about it. One of the brilliant things about this glamorous bunch of ladies is the fashion and so this year it wasn’t just about the shooting, the outfits were also a hot topic.

What to wear?

Of course the most important thing whilst shooting is that you are wearing something comfortable that doesn’t obstruct your ability to shoot. But that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on looking great. Everyone that attended the shoot looked fantastic and there was an array of outfits, but here is what I opted for.


I have been so excited to share these boots with you, I’ve just been waiting for an occasion to wear them! The Imperial Explorers from Fairfax & Favor are fully waterproof (not that we needed that yesterday!) and a super stylish alternative to wellies. These boots are crafted from venison leather and include all of the elegant traits of its Regina exquisite scalloped edge, iconic leather zip tassel and flattering tailored fit. The boot manages to effortlessly combine style and purpose – a leather inner sole and Goodyear outer sole mean that these boots are incredibly comfortable and can go anywhere. I just know that I’ll be living in these, perfect for the farm or going out! You can find these wonderful boots online here.

I paired the boots with simple black jeans a neutral checked shirt and my Holland Cooper Wren cape.I’ve had this cape for quite a while – I’ve been in love with the Holland Cooper range for ages! This cape is seriously luxurious and definitely an investment piece. Hand cut and made entirely in Britain, its something special – just ask the people at Tatler and British Vogue! However, its perfect for so many occasions I’ve worn it for day, evening, smart and casual events. The fur collar adds a touch of luxury and the colour is just perfect to match with so many outfits. Holland Cooper offer an array of colours, patterns and style variations of this cape so there will be something to suit everyone – click here for more information.

I wore the cape for the social side of the day and took it off to shoot in. I did also take my beloved well-worn Barbour wax jacket anticipating colder, wetter weather but it turns out I didn’t need it.

Because of the neutral theme this outfit is so versatile. It also means that individual more special pieces such as the boots or cape can really shine. Little added touches also mean that the outfit is elevated from something simple and practical to a more stylish on trend option.

How cute are these cartridge hair slides? 

I did wear a hat during shooting for safety (fallen clays are a danger and wearing a hat protects you from this more), but I chose this gorgeous cartridge hair slide to pin my hair back. The hair pin is made my a fabulous friend of mine – if you want any more information get in touch!

As the shooting day was an all-day event after travelling home I didn’t really have time to get changed before heading out to catch up with some old friends for the evening. However, the outfit I wore during the day was so adaptable that I just added a neutral cashmere sweater and swapped the boots for a pair of loafers and I was good to go!


What do you think?

As always, I love to hear what you think about the outfit and your experiences if you own the same items. I am always happy to answer any questions you have and point you in the right direction if you are looking for something similar.

Happy shopping! x


  1. Amazing post and encouraging to new clay shooters who might want to try something different. Where did you buy the hair slide it’s unusual.

    Rose . Xx


    1. Hi Rose, thank you so much – I’m glad you liked it! It’s so important to encourage new ladies into the sport. If you want any further information on getting involved please let me know, I’d be happy to point you in the right direction.

      The hair slide is lovely isn’t it, a friend of mine makes them but she hasn’t set her website up yet, so if you would like one I can put you in touch. She makes lots of different accessories and all of them are beautiful.

      Harriet xx


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