National Ladies Shooting Day Style

Practicality and comfort are the most important things to look for in a shooting outfit, what’s the point in looking great but not being able to shoot? Safety is paramount, you don’t want anything that will hinder your shooting and a coat or gilet with decent sized pockets is a must. However, when you’re attending the worlds largest female only shooting event there’s always space for a bit of glamour! Read all about the second annual National Ladies Shooting Day hosted by the Shotgun and Chelsea Bun Club here.

As I said, shooting is the most important thing on an event such as this, but it is inevitable when involving a large group of ladies that there is also a certain level of discussion around what outfit to wear to the event. Here’s what I went for…

It’s all about the accessories! This outfit has been designed with maximum practicality..but that doesn’t have to mean a compromise on style

I chose to stick with a basic outfit of jeans and a neutral sweater but added a touch of country glamour with these wonderful accessories – and no I’m not talking about the gun! As neutral tones, tans and browns are my thing, I decided to stick with what I know best and chose this beautiful wool trilby from Mackenzie & George to compliment my favourite Fairfax & Favor boots.

Shooting inspired accessories from Hiho Silver 

What I love most about this outfit are the shooting related accessories I have paired with it, particularly this wonderful shotgun necklace from Hiho Silver. Hiho are well known in the equestrian world for producing jewellery of exquisite quality at affordable prices. They are currently less known for the gorgeous collection of shooting jewellery on offer, but this is definitely going to change and I just have to spread the word about how great this collection really is. The Abbey Ling Country Shooting collection was inspired by Hiho’s top lady learning to shoot with her children at Abbey Ling’s shooting school near Hiho HQ in Somerset, so these pieces are derived from a true passion for the sport which makes them, in my opinion, something a little bit special.

There are a number of items in the shooting range, I opted for the double shotgun necklace produced in sterling silver, which was actually inspired by National Ladies Shooting Day. As Hiho were one of the main sponsors for the event last year and also this year, it seemed like a perfect choice. Even better, that the perfectly captured shotguns were modelled on a Beretta shotgun (my shotgun is a 20 gauge Beretta!). The chain on the necklace is fine enough to be delicate and pretty but also sturdy enough to wear everyday. I have to admit, I had looked at this necklace a few times but was unsure on the size of the shotguns, but as you can see from the pictures they are perfectly sized. They are large enough to stand out and make the outfit special, but small enough to wear all the time.

Every lady gun should have something from the Hiho silver shooting collection – I love this double shotgun necklace

Another plus point for the necklace is that it can be made to size, so you are guaranteed to receive a perfect fit. I think that the necklace is really well sized at the standard length, I have worn it here on the tightest clasp, but I also think that it could look fabulous as a pendant style longer necklace for more of a statement piece – something that is totally achievable as Hiho give you the option to customise the length.

I think that this necklace is a definite must for all lady guns and if you are into matching sets, Hiho offer this style as a bracelet and a pair of earrings which is perfect if you are looking for a smarter, more dressed up option. The bracelet is most definitely next on my list, keep your eyes peeled for more from Hiho in upcoming posts!

The beautiful double shotgun necklace from Hiho Silver, coupled with this gorgeous tweed and silk scarf from Verity Truly British

Verity Truly British

The other part of my outfit that I had to share with you is this stunning silk and tweed necktie from Verity Truly British (VTB). What do I love most about this? Well two things, one – it is a one off exclusive. No two neckwraps are the same, which means that you have something completely unique – how amazing is that?! Two – it is handmade in Britain, using Harris Tweed. I feel very strongly about supporting small, independant British companies, something that is really easy when they produce high quality products such as this. I choose an ivory silk with grey printed pheasants and a coordinating Harris tweed backing because I think it will go with so many different outfits and as it’s so stunning I want to wear it as much as possible! It would look brilliant with a plain white shirt worn as a cravat style necktie, or even untied as a short scarf. However, for those who are braver than I am (neutral tones are my best friend!), the company also offer these neckties in more vibrant colours for a truly stand out piece. I love the aquamarine and fushia versions of this scarf which are perfect for the summer months.

Its all about the detail…one off pheasant prints with coordinating tweed and this beautiful running hare pewter pin, all made in Great Britain!

I love the pheasant print too, what better way to display your love for the sport of shooting than with something as beautiful as this? Bold enough to make a statement and catch the eye, but understated enough to be totally elegant and classy which I love.  I will definitely be wearing this throughout the year, but I think it will make a great addition to a pheasant shooting outfit as it is lightweight and delicate enough not to hinder shooting.

Fancy a bit of Country?

I hope I have inspired you to add a touch of country style to your outfit – both the Hiho necklace and VTB neckwrap are versatile enough to wear on any occasion, town or country. The Hiho necklace is perfect for anyone but I think it is particularly special for those with a passion for shooting, be it clays or game. If you are not into necklaces, be sure to check out the matching bracelet which is completely gorgeous. If you are looking to pair something with the VTB necktie, have a look at the Hiho Silver flying pheasant studs – understated matching at its best. I also love the pheasant brooch that Hiho offer as part of the shooting collection, this is something that would look amazing with the VTB scarf but also on a plain shirt or wax jacket.

Who wouldn’t want a one-off design? VTB offers you a bespoke service for an incredibly reasonable price. This gorgeous neckwraps are totally wearable with any outfit providing a touch of luxury and country glamour. I am definitely going to start a collection!

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