Mackenzie & George

Mackenzie & George have been a firm favourite of mine for a number of years now and are a staple feature in my accessories draw. After stumbling upon them at Burghley Horse Trials (top tip – this is one of the best places to discover new, upcoming country brands), my collection started with a beautiful equestrian inspired leather bracelet with solid brass buckle and has been rapidly expanding ever since. Most recently I featured the Windsor clutch bag in my Think Pink! post, which is another Mackenzie & George item that I use religiously.

Everything that these guys produce is of the highest quality and all made by hand in their family run workshop set in the heart of the beautiful Shropshire countryside. With such a rural base for the M&G headquarters, it’s easy to understand where the inspiration comes from for the stunning designs behind the accessories. These original designs that truly capture the essence of the Great British countryside, coupled with the unquestionable product quality and a timeless style ensure that Mackenzie & George are a brand that will remain a wardrobe favourite for many years to come.

There are so many pieces from the M&G collection that I could choose to talk about, and rest assured these will certainly be featuring on upcoming posts, but this post has to be dedicated to the signature belt from M&G.

The Badminton Belt

Where to start with this belt…well I’ll start by saying that out of everything that Mackenzie & George have to offer, and believe me there is lot to choose from – if I could I’d have one of everything I would, this was the belt that really caught my eye. Why? First and foremost probably because it was tan and you know how much I love tan! However, non-tan lovers rest assured that this belt also comes in classic black. Seriously though, the thing that really caught my eye with this belt was the stunning attention to detail. The belt features solid brass bits, a homage to the brands equestrian inspired heritage and each and every one is individually crafted and of fantastic quality. As I said, the attention to detail in this belt is just something else, each one of the brass bits are engraved with the M&G logo and its little unexpected extras like this that elevate the belt from a beautiful accessory to a timeless classic. The belt buckle loop is also embossed with the M&G logo which is understated enough to remain classy but prominent enough to shout out countryside elegance.

What to wear?

That’s another great thing about this belt, you can wear it with pretty much anything. It is quite a skinny belt, which I think makes it an ideal candidate for smarter outfits as well as more casual ones and with belt loops on jeans getting ever smaller, it’s a perfect fit. I have a few ideas for outfits that would be perfect for this belt and as a lover of the winter wardrobe I am already picturing this with dark jeans, long tan boots and roll necks, but with the first day of summer arriving this week, I thought I would show you a couple of summer outfits that this belt beautifully complements.

Summer Whites

I’ve previously shared my phobia of white jeans but I am trying to embrace the summer staple and by pairing them with the Badminton belt, they feel a little more wearable. The tan colour balances the bright white of the jeans and adds a much needed focus to draw away from the problem areas that white jeans can create! I paired this outfit with simple nude pumps and a mocha (or strong tea if you are a non-coffee drinker like myself!) coloured silk shirt for understated country glam. The outfit is perfect for smart/casual evenings out but the heels could be swapped for some loafers (I love the Fairfax & Favor Sand Drivers with this outfit) for a less formal outfit, ideal for a daytime event.


A close up of the badminton belt paired here with white jeans for a stylish summer outfit

 Just for Jeans?

When I bought the Badminton belt way back at the Badminton Horse Trials (very apt) in May, I had really only thought about wearing it with jeans or maybe smart trousers. However on the recommendation of Chris, who along with Melanie is the mastermind and creator behind the brand, I bought the belt in the smaller size (I found that one size I was on the last hole but the smaller size I was on the second loosest). On the recommendation that the belt would stretch slightly over time given the natural ingredients sourced for its creation, and probably more so giving me a determination to shift some weight to make the smaller size fit (what are we women like!) I took home the smaller size. Actually, this has worked in my favour very nicely because on the morning of Polo in The Park, a brilliant event celebrating the best of polo coupled with fantastic food and drink stalls and a rather tempting shopping village, after discovering my favourite waist belt had disappeared, a moment of inspiration struck and the Badminton belt offered the perfect alternative.

 The badminton belt seen here as a waist belt for a dressed up outfit, paired with another M&G essential – the Windsor clutch bag


It’s all about the M&G accessories!

A Staple for your wardrobe?

This belt is an all-round superstar, ideal for any occasion and certain to make every outfit that it is paired with stand out. I just know I’ll be getting my use out of this because it is so versatile. If you think that the Badminton belt is something that should be part of your wardrobe (it absolutely should!) then head over to the Mackenzie & George website which has just been completely revamped. All M&G products are now on the new website, as well as lots of insights into the brand and an all new blog feature. I am incredibly proud to say that I have had the honour of guest blogging and producing the first post on the Badminton belt. Watch out for more exclusive guest blogs and exciting news from Mackenzie & George and A Girl About Country! X


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