Cherry Roller Snaffle Bracelet

So the other week I was shouting about the shooting range offered by Hiho Silver (I still am by the way!) – you can read all about the wonderful double shotgun necklace here. This week I wanted to share another Hiho gem with you, this time inspired by equestrianism rather than shooting. Hiho has a strong equestrian heritage and, given that my other huge passion is horse riding, it seemed only fitting to feature something from Hiho’s signature collection.

The Cherry Roller Snaffle Bracelet

The cherry roller bracelet (and necklaces) are Hiho’s exclusive new design and something that has been in the making for quite some time. I have to say, the thought behind the design, the effort and skill that has gone into making this stunning bracelet and the time taken to refine the design has certainly made this bracelet worth the wait!

A cherry roller snaffle is a type of bit that you would choose for your horse if you needed extra breaks – particularly handy for horses who like to put their head to the floor and tank off, or to stop horses leaning on the bit and pulling your arms out of their sockets! Typically made for stronger horses with larger mouths and particularly useful when participating in cross country, these bits are made from a variety of materials but a mixture of copper and stainless steel rings are often seen. As a huge fan of cross-country and amateur eventer (the only reason I endure dressage is for the cross country!), this design really stood out for me. It is completely unique but aside from that has a genuine meaning behind the design which I really love.

The silversmiths responsible for making the bracelet are truly talented and have managed to produce something that not only is reflective of the real thing but also delicate and subtle. If you weren’t a fan of horses, this bracelet is so pretty that it would still appeal, but if you know the meaning behind the design, I think an extra layer of attraction is added.

It’s in the detail

What makes this bracelet stand out from the crowd is the attention to detail. The rollers on the bit fully turn and are completely independent of each other, reflective of the real thing. The addition of rose gold rollers against the solid silver bangle really attracts the eye and makes this bracelet unique. I have had so many comments and great feedback about this bracelet including non-horsey friends that haven’t a clue what the bracelet represents.

The bracelet is also quite delicate, so it’s suitably dressy and not at all clunky, which I find can be the case with bangle style bracelets. Another problem I have with bangles, is that they can be far too big and end up sitting almost on my knuckles, but this isn’t a problem with the cherry roller bracelet as Hiho offer it in 3 different sizes so you are guaranteed a personalised fit.

A close up of the cherry roller bracelet, the perfect accessory for smart outfits

Where to wear?

The answer is anywhere! I have had this bracelet for about a month now and I’ve been testing it out over lots of different situations so I can give you a completely honest opinion on how it performs. At first I will admit that I saved it for ‘best’ and kept it for smarter occasions because it was so pretty that I didn’t want to ruin it. However, I have been wearing it to muck out in and even ride – I’d forgotten to take it off one morning before visiting the horses but it survived. That’s probably an unfair understatement, it looked as it did when it arrived and was completely unscathed. If you are not convinced, be reassured by Hiho’s confidence in the range. They have promised that should the gold plating wear, they will replace it at a nominal cost.

 Equestrian style

The cherry roller snaffle bracelet is the perfect accessory for all equestrian lovers and general jewellery magpies alike. With a number of colour/metal options and sizes available, there is bound to be something to suit everyone. For those that are true horses lovers and the only shoes they ever buy are for the horse every 6 weeks, will be pleased to know that this bracelet is extremely good value for money – all the more reason to treat yourself for a change! For those that love matching sets, you are in luck. The cherry roller design is also available in a beautiful necklace (definitely next on my list!), in the same colour options as the bracelet so you can be super coordinated for a stand out look. Visit the Hiho Silver website to view the collection. Hiho are also at a number of county events over the summer so if you want to ‘try before you buy’ and see for yourself make sure you check the list of events to see if Hiho are visiting a show near you. Be warned though, once on the stand you will be hooked and end up with more than one thing in your shopping basket!

The bracelet is also sturdy enough to withstand horse work (or cuddles in this case!) so it’s ideal for all horsey lovers

What do you think?

As always, I love to hear from you, particularly if you have anything from the Cherry Roller Snaffle collection it would be brilliant to hear your thoughts on the pieces.

Happy shopping! X




  1. I’ve been teetering on the verge of snaffling one of these bracelets for a wee while now but you’ve definitely sealed the deal! Will be 100% treating myself to one ❤️

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