It’s a Wrap!

So this weekend I went slightly off-piste from my usual countryside activities and visited the Henley Royal Regatta. This is an event that we attend most years with friends and although it’s not so much of a countryside pursuit/hobby, it’s a fantastic day out that I would recommend to anyone. We were lucky enough to have a pavilion area with 3 picnic benches in prime position near the river so that we could see all of the rowing action and also shelter from the rogue shower that appeared. I think that the Regatta is an event much like a day at the races, the atmosphere is similar and it’s a great opportunity to get dressed up. Whilst the boys are quite easily sorted with a blazer and smart trousers, the girls have more decisions to make! This is what I went for…

My outfit for this year’s Henley Royal Regatta,  featuring this gorgeous South West Ten wrap

With the weather so undecided and not remotely like July, it was really difficult to decide on an outfit. The week leading up to the Regatta was so wet and miserable that I thought I’d be wearing wellies and a waterproof winter coat! Luckily though, summer did return, although not as convincingly as last year which was one of the hottest days of the summer and we all ended up slightly pink by the end of the day!

South West Ten saves the day!

The dilemma was how to embrace the Great British summer and go for an outfit that reflected this style but stay warm! The dress I choose to wear was a delicate powder blue and a coat would have been too heavy and looked a little out of place. So the new season wraps from South West Ten seemed like the perfect solution. I have had my eye on these new additions to the South West Ten collection since they were released a few weeks ago but, in my typically indecisive manner, haven’t picked one because I couldn’t decide on a colour. South West Ten have released these gorgeous cashmere wraps in a number of colours, so there is something for everyone’s style – look out for the coral which is just perfect for the summer. With my new love for anything navy, I was tempted to go with that option and actually I think it would have paired with the dress really nicely. But, true to my neutral toned roots, I choose the taupe wrap.

Fringing feeling…the detailing on the wrap is simply gorgeous

The wrap is fringed with complementing taupe suede which is bang on trend, and about as close to festival fashion as I dare to venture! The fringing adds an extra dimension to the wrap and really makes it stand out – it’s a great alternative to the fur trimmed creations that South West Ten are most well-known for which are more suited to the winter months. The main part of the wrap is pure cashmere which means that the wrap is lightweight enough for warmer days but suitably cosy for the cooler summer evenings. It also means that this wrap is ideal for any season, as I said it’s really lightweight and ideal for the summer but I will definitely be pairing this with my South West Ten fur/cashmere scarf in the winter.


Take a closer look

What I love most about this wrap is the fact that it’s understated luxury. On face value the wrap is very simplistic, but that’s what makes this so timeless and classic. Look again and you will see that there is so much detail in the finish, making something fairly simple truly elegant. The quality speaks for itself and the cashmere is 4 ply, so super cosy cashmere without the bulkiness that you may see with other fabrics at this thickness and the fringing gives the wrap a stylish, on trend edge. Subtle enough to be able to transcend seasons and fashions but obvious enough to be noticed.

Up close…detailing on the South West Ten Wrap

As with most of my wardrobe, I try and stick to classic colour ways and styles so that I can pair the item with more than one outfit and this taupe wrap definitely fits into this category. I really like to support independent British made brands and look for quality over quantity, which does invariably mean something costing more than its mass-produced counterpart. That said, I will only buy something if I think it is worth the money and I have to say the wrap definitely fills this brief. For an item of cashmere at this quality, even in a high street store, the price is often much higher. The wrap is great value for money and something that will never go out of style. I am already getting my money’s worth, I have worn this twice in two days – once with my regatta outfit and then yesterday with white jeans and a shirt for a more casual Sunday lunch date. But the outfit options don’t stop there, as I’ve mentioned I already have winter outfit plans for this piece and think it would look absolutely stunning with a pair of long boots – the Fairfax and Favor heeled Reginas in Tan would be my recommendation for a classically stylish winter outfit.

Pimms o’clock! The wrap is also perfect for more casual outfits

That’s a wrap!

I think you can probably guess that I would the recommend the wrap, its perfect for pretty much any occasion and would suit any person, young or old regardless of personal taste. How many items of clothing do you have that you can say are suitable for cosying up at a casual summer evening BBQ, lunch dates with friends and formal occasions such as Henley, the races and weddings (I will be wearing mine for a wedding later this summer). I am even wanting to wear mine around my pjs to watch television in the evening! But my recommendation extends to the brand as a whole, my first blog post featured these guys and subsequent posts have since. I fell in love with their products at the beginning of the year and have been expanding my collection ever since.  As with all of the products from South West Ten, the quality is second to none and you can always guarantee exceptional service and fantastic value for money.  The only problem you’ll have is deciding what colour to choose…or colours! X


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