Sporting Hares

Who? You may be asking yourself. It’s true, Sporting Hares are not on the radar of the majority of country folk…yet. But this is something that will definitely be changing in the very near future. Sporting Hares is a brand that hails from the Welsh countryside, with it’s HQ still located on the family farm. Why is this important? Well to me it is a critical factor in ensuring that the brand remains true to its roots, something that can often be forgotten when country style brands start to become more and more successful. Originally established to supply ‘country bumpkins’ – as the guys at Sporting Hares put it, a stylish selection of sunglasses which can be custom made to your liking (and yes, tweed – of the Harris variety no less, is an option for these glasses!), it has now branched out to offer so much more. The preppy socks are fantastic – I currently have one pair but will definitely be investing in every colour because they make amazing welly socks, something that is actually very hard to find. They are super soft, the perfect length for wellies (just a little bit longer than the welly itself to make sure that it doesn’t wrinkle down) and so warm, oh and they keep your feet dry – perfect for the winter months. What’s more – Sporting Hares donate a percentage of the sale of each pair of socks to fight Against Breast Cancer. So you can look stylish, be practical and help the fight against cancer, what other clothing item can give you that?! But I am not here to talk socks (although I could, quite easily), I want to show you the marvellous Beauchamp Blazer.

As with everything I buy and everything I feature on my blog, I look for a few really important criteria; quality, practicality and of course style. Where possible I really like to support British brands that make their products in Great Britain, because I think it’s so important to support local produce, whether that be clothes, shoes or potatoes (I don’t know, maybe it’s the Farmer’s Daughter in me…). So I’m pleased to say that the Beauchamp Blazer ticks all of these boxes.

The Beautiful Beauchamp Blazer in Teal

Another Blazer??

First of all, you may be thinking ‘why another blazer?’ I know – I do have hundreds already but this is certainly one that should be a wardrobe staple for everyone. Tweed or wool blazers are one of the most quintessentially country wardrobe items. Every true country person will own one, whether it’s one that has been in the wardrobe for as long as you can remember, with a few too many holes to be trendy and has seen better days, or one that has just walked out of one of the top country-fashion houses. I have few, maybe more than I care to admit but they all have their respective functions, some for my equestrian pursuits, some purely for style but all of which are classic cut and in timeless colours. The Beauchamp is no different, except it’s completely different. What I mean to say is its classic cut and the fit is stunning, the quality is top notch and the feel is really luxurious. But on the other hand, it’s super stylish, it’s fun and totally unique.

This jacket really has been made with the younger countryside generation in mind. But that’s not to say this is for young people only – far from it, this would look great on anyone. What I mean to say is that the guys at Sporting Hares have really embraced the revival or rather emergence of country fashion. True countryside style, made for real people of the countryside – and by that I mean people that not only reside in the countryside (in their lovely smart houses with their pristine 4×4’s sitting outside) but actually live there. In recent years, there has been a real embracing of countryside fashion. Maybe it’s because countryside people have become more fashion conscious or maybe (more likely) it’s because we now have an ever growing variety of brands to choose from that have really listened to what we want and need.

The Beauchamp Blazer promises to ‘stand out in a field full of jackets’ and it does just that. This statement does not only apply to the way the jacket looks, although I think it’s fair to say that from this perspective it is completely true. It is covered in tiny gold embroidered boxing hares which is totally unique, completely expressive of the countryside and incredibly bold yet understated at the same time. I have to admit, I’d looked at these jackets a few times before deciding upon one, I was a little concerned that it may be too bold for my taste but I couldn’t have been more wrong. In fact, whilst the teal coloured one I settled on is most reflective of my wardrobe and the kind of styles I go for, the Huntsman Red is definitely next on my list – if you’re going to make a statement you may as well do it right, right?


Other stand out points and huge ticks against the Beauchamp include the quality of the product – the finish is beautiful, the fit is superb – it is even offered in a petite which is perfect if you are short like I am and don’t want to look like you’ve borrowed a friend’s coat, and the attention to detail really is second to none. What’s more, the value for money is outstanding- all the more reason to have more than one! I was expecting to pay an awful lot more for this jacket. Considering the quality of the wool, the silk lining and velvet under the collar, it is a total steal and is completely affordable for everyone. This is a jacket that will take you anywhere, perfect for days in the countryside but equally well suited to an outfit in the city, ideal for daytime or evening. I’m thinking that this would be perfect for a day out at any country fair or equestrian event – you would be certain to stand out wearing this against a sea of green tweed and Schoffel waistcoats. I have also worn mine out to dinner with a dress and heels, and received a number of compliments. But also, maybe most importantly – I have worn it on the farm accompanied by a pair of wellies and it is totally at home here too.

All about the details…a close up of the gold embroidered boxing Hares and the luxurious velvet under collar

Don’t just take my word for it, Horse and Hound awarded the Beauchamp ‘Best Jacket’ in October last year and Sporting Hares have been winning all sorts of fancy awards recently. So keep an eye out for these guys, a truly British brand with its roots firmly in the muddy fields of the Welsh countryside producing fantastic quality value for money items of splendid style for every country person – what more could you want?


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