Glammunition with Femmes Fatales!

Last weekend (not the one just gone, the one before) I attended the first Lincolnshire based Femmes Fatales clay shooting day. First of all, apologies this is a little late – I have been dying to tell you about it but last week I was in Ireland for a friend’s wedding (more about that later).

So back to Femmes Fatales. I have been shooting with these awesome girls for about a year now and have been shouting about them ever since (see my last post Girl Power!). I most often attend the events hosted in and around Derbyshire as these are the closest to me but do regularly go to other grounds which are closer to friends who are also attending, as well as the annual Femmes Fatales Cup down at the Royal Berkshire Shooting School. One thing I have to say about the Femmes Fatales is that you are always made to feel welcome, whether you are new and don’t know anyone and haven’t shot before or a regular attendee. I went to my first event alone, not knowing anyone and I can honestly say I went home with a bunch of new friends. That’s the other thing, I have met the best girls through this club who have become friends for life, not just people I see occasionally at shooting events. So whilst the Femmes Fatales are there predominately as a shooting club, it’s so much more than that and most importantly it’s about meeting new friends, encouraging each other and having a great time.

Girl Power!

Femmes Fatales is run entirely by volunteers headed up by the wonderful Lydia and super glam Rachel, all of the girls who host an event do so because of their love for the club and most of them have become hostesses with the mostess(es)! by attending a Femmes Fatales event in the past. And that’s exactly what happened last weekend. One of my closest Femmes Fatales friends (and by that I mean one of my great friends who I met through Femmes Fatales) offered to host the North Lincolnshire day. Now having admitted that the hostess is one of my close friends, this may seem a little bias but its the truth – it was one of the best days I’ve had with a girls shooting club, if not the best. Femmes Fatales events are always top notch, so any ground/event that you choose to go to will follow a similar award-winning formula; arrive to a tea/coffee reception, out to shoot, in for elevensies (usually too much cake to know what to do with!), out for a team shoot competition and then back to the lodge for a delicious home-cooked lunch and prizes.

There are so many reasons why the day was so great, probably too many to list but I’ll give it a go…

  1. Location

Lianne chose to host the event at her local shooting school – White Lodge Shooting School, near the picturesque Thornton Abbey in North Lincolnshire. The shooting school is tucked away down a farm style track which opens out to the most beautiful lodge surrounded by a lily pond – complete with alligator and boat! Aside from the pond and our cake-eating base, the targets set out by Rose & Robert (our amazing hosts) were brilliant, great for beginners and experienced shots alike.

2. Weather

Yep the weather was actually reflective of a summer’s’s almost as if it were planned!

3. Girls, Girls, Girls

The events are made by the people who attend, and this bunch of ladies were particularly awesome. There were so many new shots (including an Emmerdale actress no less) as well as some familiar faces but everyone got on so well and yet again, I’ve gone home with a group of new friends who are already planning the next trip out! What was also so lovely about this event was that the teams were of mixed abilities, so the experienced shots were able to guide and offer advice to the newbies and the competition at the end was also really fair. Every single girl that came had a brilliant time and went home feeling either inspired to start clay pigeon shooting, or motivated to do more!

Squad goals..the Lincolnshire FF Team

4. Food glorious food…

Another thing I love about the Femmes Fatales events (and life in general!) is food. The Lincolnshire shoot was about 1hr 45 mins for me to get to, so it was a pretty early start on a Saturday morning, so I really appreciated the tea and croissants on arrival. Not to mention the homemade cakes (particularly the brownies) at elevensies and then a lovely picnic-style lunch afterwards. You are incredibly well catered for during these days!

5. Show me the money! (or prizes in this case)

You don’t really go to a Femmes Fatale event with the intention of winning, well maybe a little when you see the prizes, but as I said it’s more about meeting new friends and having a good time. However, the prizes are usually great, but this event completely surpassed expectations. Liane did an amazing job of rallying Sponsors to offer prizes for the event that absolutely everyone had a very determined look when we left the lodge to shoot. I have to say that I had my eyes firmly on the gorgeous silver feather bracelet offered by Lincolnshire based, jeweler to the stars (and our very own Liane), Daniella Draper and not forgetting the stunning pheasant painting offered by another very talented local – Clare Shaw. There were also magnums of champagne and lovely handmade feather hair clips on offer. Unfortunately, although I was really pleased with my shooting (with the exception of a less than average score on rabbits – which I am usually not bad at), I was pipped to the post by a very deserved winner who took home both a magnum of champagne and the stunning Clare Shaw painting. Beginners were also in with a shout of a prize, with Liane very thoughtfully offering a huge magnum of champagne for ‘Clay Conservation’ (our lady who saved the most clays by not hitting them!) and everyone was put into a draw for the gorgeous bracelet.

The prize pile was pretty epic…I wanted to win everything!
Our very well deserved winner – Chiara

6. Oh and did I mention our Hostess with the Mostess??

Last on this list, but most definitely top of the list for making the day so fabulous is our hostess – Liane. As I mentioned she is my friend and so of course I’m going to be nice. But seriously, the day would not have worked so well had it not been for her hard work organising the day. Everything from organising the ground, the Sponsors, baking cakes, looking after each and every guest and making sure everyone had a great time were down to Liane. And the biggest testament to this is the number of girls that have never tried shooting before that will be coming back thanks to Liane’s efforts. I also have to mention that Lydia, our head of Femmes Fatales came along to support the event, and without her we wouldn’t have these days to attend. So girls – you rock!

Give it a go!

All I have left to say is that, if you are in any doubt whatsoever, I really hope this post has inspired you to go along to one of the many events offered by Femmes Fatales up and down the country, check out the website for details of an event close to you. I can’t wait for the next one! X

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