A Girl About Country in Country Show Journal!

So something rather exciting happened recently – I got the opportunity to feature in Country Shows Journal which is the online journal created by my lovely friends over at Hiho Silver. I was absolutely delighted to be asked to prepare a feature as the newest brand ambassador for this fantastic British company as it gave me the opportunity to introduce myself to the Hiho readers. I am so honoured to be involved with Hiho for so many reasons, I mean who wouldn’t want to be friends with them – have you seen the new collections?! Seriously though, aside from the fact the jewellery is simply stunning – I have so much on my wish list I’d be here all day if I was to recite them to you (I have to mention the newly released double snaffle bangle though which is most definitely at the top of my Christmas list and yes, I do know it’s only September!), they company a quintessentially British brand championing the very roots of what makes the countryside so special. I am also in great company with the Brand Ambassadors which include so many wonderful people that I am in awe of (I’m just singling Emily King out here, mainly because I wish I could ride as well as she can!).

My very own feature in Hiho’s Country Shows Journal – how exciting is that?!

Now, it may seem as though I’m plugging my feature in the magazine and urging you to read for that reason (I mean, it would be great if you did…) but no. Although I am thrilled to feature, I’m in such great company that my page was actually the last thing I read! The journal is jam packed to the rafters with so much good stuff that you absolutely have to go and visit. I particularly love the Best of British feature, which showcases some of the best equestrian and country products, because as you know that totally fits in to the ethos here at A Girl About Country. I also really enjoyed the article on gin (I will definitely be investing in a bottle of Tarquins) but I won’t admit to that being part of the A Girl About Country ethos…!

I think the fact that the magazine kept me sane on a very testing 8 hour bank holiday journey to Scotland is testament enough to it’s quality but don’t take my word for it – see for yourself here. Be warned though, you may end up booking a horsey holiday!


For maximum enjoyment, I would advise a large mug of tea (cake and biscuits optional), a comfy sofa and an hour of peace and quiet. I have read my copy cover to cover and can’t wait for the next installment! Happy reading x


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