Sunglasses Made for Adventures

So it is officially Autumn and whilst we are enjoying a very uncharacteristic heatwave this week, it won’t be long before we are preparing for dark mornings, rain and evenings in by the fire. But that doesn’t matter – there’s always an excuse for wearing a pair of sunnies, especially a decent pair, whether it’s a hungover morning from the night before, some rare winter sunshine or a general sensitivity to light (students and vampires I’m including you in this category!). I can always be found in a pair of sunglasses no matter what the weather (bonus points if you can pull off the sunglasses look in rain!) and I do find that I get through quite a few pairs. Perhaps they should come with a rating of how durable they are with 0 meaning no tolerance whatsoever to horse cuddles and 10 being able withstand multiple drops from various heights (does anyone else put sunglasses on top of their head and forget they’re there?) and being stood on by naughty labradors…

Well it appears that my problems, sunglasses related at least, may be solved. “Made for adventures” is the tagline for the Sporting Hares products and I can definitely testify this for the beautiful Beauchamp blazer (see here for my recent review), but I am keen to see how the KINGS sunglasses fare.


Where to start with my review? There is an awful lot to say about these little gems but I’ll start at the beginning – packaging. Not only do these gorgeous sunnies come in a fabulously preppy tan case (the case is tan in colour – I’m already sold!) with coordinating bright blue cleaning cloth, they are also packaged in a beautifully luxurious navy blue presentation box which adds an extra level of quality before I’ve even taken the sunglasses out of the package! There is also a fab little story printed into the insert, which just reinforces the brand values of the company – i love the added extras such as this. It also makes the KINGS ideal gift ideas, if you can bear to part from them.

I love the added attention to detail that really reinforces the brand’s heritage and style

Next thing I have to mention is the price. For a good quality pair of sunglasses from a well known designer you are talking hundreds, and that’s just for fashion lenses rather than the polarised ones that do actually protect your eyes. The KINGS sunglasses range from between £50 and £65 which is unbelievable value, considering the frames are handmade from some of the finest materials (including a Harris Tweed option no less) and the lenses are polarised. Yep, these are the kind of sunglasses that you can afford to replace, but even better is the fact that you won’t need to…

Quality is one of the most important traits I look for in any product. I don’t mind paying for quality, it is one of the biggest things I bang on about – it means you only pay once and that is most certainly true for the KINGS. As I mentioned, the lenses of all KINGS are polarised and the frames are made from top notch materials by hand as opposed to mass produced, which just reinforces the quality of the product.

Perfect for any occasion and any outfit (although I like mine paired with the SH Beauchamp Blazer, pictured here)

Other things that I love about the KINGS range is just that – there is a wide range of colours, patterns and even textures to choose from so you can be sure to find something to suit your personality and style. True to form I went for the classic dark oak option which is made from certified wood (again – another tick against the quality box!), because it means I can wear them with so many outfits. I also thought these may be the best transitional option as they are perfect for all seasons. That said, I do love the birthday flower option which is perfect for summer (or some winter sun if you’re lucky enough to be jetting off!) and I also think the Harris tweed squared is the perfect compliment to your autumn wardrobe – I definitely have my eye on these to expand my collection! The KINGS range is unisex too, so you can sport matching or coordinating pairs with your dearly beloved! The variety of choice available also means that they are incredibly versatile and will compliment or clash, depending on how outrageous your style is, with any outfit.

As with any other product, if you live on a farm you need your things to be practical as well as stylish. I have lost so many good sunglasses to an overenthusiastic dog and/or horse cuddle or just my general clumsiness – note to self do not leave anything lying around with 4 mischievous dogs running around! I can honestly say the KINGS are able to withstand a lot, I have been road testing them for almost a month now and during that time they have been placed in tack boxes whilst out riding (another note to self – always carry the case as well as the sunnies), lived on top of my head for a good portion of the time – that’s the unpredictable nature of British Summer for you, and travelled to a variety of places for various reasons. I have to award bonus points to these sunglasses for being able to sit on top of my head without stretching the frames. It’s a massive bugbear of mine, I am forever pushing my sunglasses on top of my head (good for a headband when in lack of one amongst other reasons) which then stretches the frames and then they end up falling off my nose. Not the KINGS – which is reason enough to invest in a pair in my eyes. Another great thing is that the lenses are not only 100% UVA and UBV filtered, they are also shatter proof. I can again testify to this having forgotten I’d popped them in my tack box and proceeding to drop a hoof oil tub directly on top of them (yep, they are shatterproof!). It also means that they are durable and safe enough to hack out in – (because we need some help to look stylish whilst wearing a riding hat don’t we) bonus!

I have to also mention the little extras that make such a huge difference to my opinion of the product. I’ve already mentioned the attention to detail in the packaging, which I really do think is important and elevates a product from nice to luxurious. I also love the little welly prints in the top corner of the lens – much more subtle than a signature or name but it reinforces why they were made and with who in mind. And I have to say, designing a pair of sunglasses that are both stylish and practical for us country folk who still want to look good when knee deep in mud (or any other brown substance for that matter!) is not an easy thing to do, but Sporting Hares have definitely nailed their brief here.

I love the attention to detail on these sunglasses..the boxing hare logo and the welly prints across the lens adds an extra something special

Fancy a treat?

If I haven’t managed to tempt you to treating yourself to a pair of these fabulous sunglasses already, here’s another incentive – my wonderful friends over at Sporting Hares are offering all of my lovely AGAC readers an exclusive 10% discount off the entire Sporting Hares range! How fantastic is that?! All you need to do is make your way over to the Sporting Hares website (click here) and enter the discount code HLE16. Be quick though, the offer is only valid until the end of the month and you certainly wouldn’t want to miss out! My recommendation is to start your Christmas shopping early (I know, I know, it is only September) because when your friends and family see you in your KINGS, they may try to ‘borrow’ them from you! It’s also a great opportunity to invest in one of the iconic Beauchamp Blazers, which are setting tongues wagging in the country style scene and winning awards all over the place!

Happy Shopping! x

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