Something to Knock your Socks Off!

It’s official- the nights are getting darker and longer (*sob*), the mornings are cooler and the leaves are starting to turn into that wonderful array of red, gold, chestnut brown and rusty orange. Autumn is here and I have to confess it is my most favourite time of the year. It’s also time to start packing away the summer wardrobe and bringing out the cosy cable knits, bobble hats, super furry scarves and coats – this is a celebratory occasion for me because I am a total winter wardrobe worshipper. Give cosy cashmere jumpers, snuggly socks and boots over flip flops and shorts any day of the week. There are so many reasons why I love a winter wardrobe, I think there is much more scope to put together classically elegant outfits, but mainly I love it because I am always cold! My family and friends laugh at me because I am always at least one layer of clothes colder than anyone else, and my other half calls me cold-blooded (but maybe that’s for another reason?!). My hands and feet seem to be the worst offenders, in the winter I have to defrost for a good few hours by the wood burner before I regain feeling and even in the summer my fingers and toes are like blocks of ice! So a good pair of socks is a total necessity for me – and cue my latest blog post…

My new life savers from House of feet will never be cold again!

When the weather starts to turn and we welcome Autumn back with open arms, you will mostly find me in wellies or boots. As I said my toes are always cold, so I need a good pair of socks to keep me warm particularly when wearing wellies which are notoriously bad at keeping the cold at bay. So I have invested in a few pairs of socks from House of Cheviot (referred to as HoC from herein). Based in Scotland and made from the finest wools the world has to offer, it’s a sure sign that these socks are going to keep you warm.

Over the last few weeks you may have seen these beautiful socks popping up on my Instagram post – I wanted to give them a really thorough road test before I give you my verdict. Like all of the products I review on the blog, there are a few things I look for – practicality, quality and of course style (well this is supposed to be a country style blog after all!). Practicality is an essential factor to any piece of clothing I buy, there is absolutely no point spending a lot (or even a little) of money on something that is not fit for purpose. For me, a pair of socks need to be practical and that means they need to keep my feet warm first and foremost, but secondly they need to be built to last. They have to withstand being worn in wellies, being splashed by puddles and caught in brambles – harsh conditions indeed. That’s where the quality aspect of my critique comes in. A tell-tale sign of quality is the material that these socks are made from, you really need to feel them for me to get my point across but hopefully you’ll take my word for it (until your own pair arrives in the post – I’m confident you will be on the House of Cheviot website before the end of this post!). House of Cheviot’s skilled workforce also hand finish most of the detailing on their socks using traditional techniques which are over 200 years old! If a technique for spinning socks can stand that kind of test of time, you know its top quality. Lastly, but of course not least, all of the socks that HoC have to offer are classically stylish, elegant (quite difficult for a thick pair of woolly socks!) and provide an up-to-date, on trend take on country fashion. The biggest issue with a HoC pair of socks is picking just one pair because they are all so lovely! So true to form, I didn’t pick just one pair I went for three (well I needed to give you a well-rounded review covering as many styles on offer as possible didn’t I?!).


I went for the Lady Strathie in new mustard, Lady Forres in new cinnamon and the Lady Harris in Bilberry all of which are super cosy and so beautifully crafted so it’s impossible to choose a favourite. I initially thought that these socks would be perfect for completing a shoot outfit, after all a big thick long pair of socks is a must if you are wearing breeks a long boots or wellies on a cold or rainy day out in the field. However, I have found myself wearing the socks for so much more than just shooting. Don’t get me wrong, they are perfect for shooting and I can’t wait for them to complete my outfit on my first game day in a few months but they are ideal for so much more. I find that I am wearing a pair most mornings to muck out the horses before work, particularly now the early mornings have that characteristic autumn chill in the air. I also seem to be reaching for a pair whenever I go for a walk with the dogs, on days out or just generally being outside enjoying the countryside. They don’t even come off when I get back inside the house – I just roll them down so they look like thick ankle socks and they act like a pair of slippers!

Staying toasty! Not just for outdoor use, the Lady Strathie is perfect rolled down for snuggling by the fire

As you know, everything I put on my blog I genuinely love and really rate – that’s why I have to tell you about it and these socks are no different. Anybody who shoots, rides horses, owns a dog (insert any other country pursuit you can think of here) or goes on the occasional walk in the countryside needs a pair of these HoC socks. You will not be disappointed. I really have put them to the test and they have excelled in every aspect. I should mention here that I have washed them to death too and they haven’t disintegrated or become misshapen like so many other socks I own.

If I haven’t already managed to persuade you, HoC are exclusively offering a massive 20% discount to all AGAC readers – how amazing is that?! Simply enter “lovesocks” at the checkout to claim!  Even better HoC are also offering everyone who spends £50 or more (so easily done!) a free necktie! Not that I need an excuse but I will be using my 20% discount code to invest in a pair of cashmere bed socks which look like the ultimate luxury nightwear accessory and are sure to keep my toes nice and cosy (something James will consider essential as I normally use him as my heat source, much to his disgust – ladies I’m sure your other halves feel his pain!). I may also be persuaded to invest in another pair of outdoor socks too, well you can never have too many, particularly with winter on the way…right?!

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