Top Pick – Doris & Co Mugs

A decent mug is an essential for any tea (or coffee, or [insert any other hot drink as appropriate here]) drinker. Tea is one of the most important things in the world – it get us up in the morning, it’s the one thing we offer when things are going wrong or you need a bit of support, it’s a cuddle in a cup. I mean it even has it’s own meal (who doesn’t love afternoon tea?) and piece of cutlery dedicated solely to tea. So for such an important drink, only a fabulous mug will do.

I love a mug big enough for a substantial amount of tea and thick enough to keep it warm – there is nothing worse than taking a big gulp of luke warm, or even worse – cold tea. I am very well known amongst my family as ‘half a cup Harriet’ because I never finish a cup of tea – it doesn’t matter how big or small the mug is I just don’t like the bottom half! So anyway, enough about my tea drinking habits and on to this week’s Top Pick…


Doris & Co Mugs

Doris & Co is a wonderful company from Somerset who specialise in making creamware pottery using good old fashioned traditional methods. Why does this matter to anyone? I hear you ask.. well I think it’s rather important. One of the biggest reasons for starting A Girl About Country was to spread the word about fantastic British brands and encourage my lovely readers to support them. I also love something a little bit different from your widely available off the shelf products which I feel are less lovingly made and more focused on profits. Good quality, practicality and style is what I look for in anything and I am pleased to say that Doris fits the bill!

Doris & Co make lots of lovely things that I could spend all day talking about, but today I am going to focus on the half pint mugs which are made from the best, hardwearing materials in the home of English pottery – Stoke on Trent. I love that there is both sentiment and mild humour behind each of the designs available which are quintessentially British. Even though the designs are bold enough to make a statement, they are also subtle, traditional designs which are timeless and will grace the kitchen table for years to come. Even better, there are lots of designs to choose from so you are bound to find one to suit you and each design is applied to the mug by hand, meaning that no two mugs are the same.

The Perfect Mug.. Doris & Co have it sussed…


Made of Stern Stuff..

These mugs are built to last. Which is a good thing considering they accompany me on the yard and down the farm. The first mug I had from Doris & Co was their signature ‘made of stern stuff’ which I actually won for ‘Best Cake’ on National Ladies Shooting Day earlier this year. I have to say the meaning behind the mug best described by Doris as

“made for all those who have displayed fortitude and resilience through a challenging time”

has really resonated with me over the last few months…you’ll notice that it featured on my Staying Positive post for very good reason not so long ago. Whenever I feel as though the going is getting a little tough, I have a cuppa from this mug and it makes me feel better. This mug makes you feel good in more ways than one though, for every mug bought £5 goes to charity – at the moment proceeds are being donated to the Coxless crew who have been raising funds for Breast Cancer Awareness (see also my most recent post Charity starts at Fairfax & Favor! – it’s all about Charity here at AGAC!) and Walking with the Wounded. So really what I’m trying to say is its essential you buy one!

Most recently I have added the ‘Hold Fast’ mug to my collection, which has a similar sentiment to my other mug – we all have our ups and downs but stay strong, have a cup of tea and everything will be ok. As a keen horse rider I also love the design on this mug and did have to giggle to myself about the double meaning of ‘hold fast’ particularly in my case when riding either of my horses!!

The finer details

Not only are the designs fabulous and reason enough to buy one of these mugs, the anatomy of the mug is, as Doris puts it – perfect, they also have some handy features which make resisting the temptation to buy one even more difficult…

  • Dishwasher friendly – so many handmade/hand-finished mugs have to be washed by hand but not Doris, which is a definite bonus!
  • ‘Dorisware’ is made from resilient materials which make it hardwearing and built to last

They also make the best presents – perfect for those hard to buy, people that have got everything or people that don’t want anything. Doris even offers a beautiful gift wrapping service so you don’t even have to worry about that! I will definitely be putting some orders in for Christmas gifts.

There’s always time for matter where you are or what you’re doing! 


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