Banish those Autumn Blues with Teddy Edward

Its official – winter is well and truly on its way now that the clocks have gone back and I have to admit although I love the winter and the festivities it brings, I do get a little depressed.  For me the clocks going back doesn’t symbolise a reason to rejoice because of an extra hour in bed – I mean if you’re a farmer’s daughter the first thought at knowing there’s an extra hour in the day is how many other jobs you can get done! No, for me the clocks going back mean an end to my favourite part of the year – the beginning of autumn where the leaves are turning into an array of rusty browns, golds and orange, stubble fields are still around to be galloped in and there’s a distinct chill in the air. But it’s still light enough to ride my horses after work. I do get a little bit sad when the darkness arrives at 5pm, before I’ve even left work and the mucking out by floodlight becomes a routine part of the day. So if like me you get a little bit depressed at the thought of the dark months ahead, I’ve got just the thing to cheer you up…


Teddy Edward

Who? You may be asking yourself. Well not for long because Teddy Edward is most definitely going to become a staple in every self-respecting country person’s wardrobe in the not too distant future. So I really should start by telling you a little bit about the brand before I delve into the goodies I have to share with you and just why this small British-made Midlands based company is set to become a country household favourite.

Teddy Edward is a relatively new brand, just over a year old and has its roots set very firmly in the Great British Countryside. In fact, the brand was born when creative director and Head of Teddy Edward – Stephen Reed was out in the field on a wet autumnal day – could the timing of this post be any better?! Stephen is an incredibly talented guy with a wealth of previous fashion experience and this very much shows in is designs. That’s another thing – everything is designed and sketched out by Stephen’s hand before being crafted into reality by a number of skilled manufacturers right here in Great Britain. As with any of the brands I feature of AGAC, I look for a number of things – quality, practicality and style all of which Teddy Edward has. I love the quintessentially British feel of this brand, it is totally and unapologetically the best of the British countryside but with a stylish, modern twist. I have to say that the brand has produced some exceptional quality items, all of which are stylish enough for people of both the town and countryside to sit up and take notice, but subtle enough to blend into traditional country wear. This is a real skill and I have to say I have only come across a handful of companies who have managed to achieve this. Not everyone wants to be able to take their clothes from the ‘countryside’ to the streets of London – some people need real clothes fit for the real countryside. Teddy Edward manages to achieve satisfy both clientele by using only the finest quality materials meaning that the clothes are really hard-wearing but beautiful as well. What I also love about this brand is that it is completely understand luxury which is right up my street – or should I say lane (or even track to be perfectly honest..!). Every item in this beautiful collection has been designed with elegance at the forefront, perfect for transitioning so effortlessly between the depths of the countryside to the heart of the city.

Are you hooked yet?

Well probably not hooked, but I’m sure you must be intrigued. It’s hard for me to choose just one thing from the collection to talk about – so I haven’t, I’ve narrowed it down to two instead! But what I had in mind when choosing from the collection was something that could take me to the pub (we don’t do bars or fancy cocktail places out here in the sticks, a good stereotypical country pub is what we have on offer, unless you want to drive for a good hour) on a wet autumn evening and still look good, but also something that would be equally at home in the fields.

Everyone knows how much I love coats, I literally have a wardrobe dedicated to them and I get really sad when it gets too warm to wear one – that’s a positive for winter! So everyone, particularly James, will tell you that I definitely don’t need any more coats. But if I find a good one I just can’t help myself…and this is a great one.

 The Belvoir Coat

Absolutely perfect for this time of year, it’s not quite cold enough for thick woolly jumpers and big coats but you certainly don’t want to leave the house in just a jumper! The Belvoir coat is the perfect answer to autumn evenings, or days, or well, anytime really. I think this little jacket is ideal for those evenings where you fancy a stroll to the pub for an evening drink – if you are lucky enough to have a pub within walking distance! It’s not too bulky but it is warm (thanks to the British thermal quilting) and even better – waterproof so it doesn’t matter if you get caught out in those seasonal showers.

The design of the jacket is really smart, classically country but very elegant thanks to the cut of the fabric. I really love the quilted front and sleeves which screams country class but from the back, you could be mistaken for wearing a blazer – clever huh? What’s also great about this little jacket is that it has huge front pockets, perfect for storing the contents of your handbag in when you can’t be bothered to carry one. Brilliant if you happen to go on a walk through the countryside, without handbag in tow, but feel like stopping off for a swift drink to keep the energy levels up! What’s even better than the size about these pockets though is the side access. Meaning that you can comfortably keep your hands warm in the side entrance whilst keeping your belongings secure in the front pocket. A big tick against this jacket.

What else?

Well the design really is the selling point for me, I can’t think of a better transitional jacket. The fit is absolutely spot on, which I find a rarity these days, particularly for someone who is ‘petite but has a figure’, let’s say. The cut of the jacket is uber-flattering, stylish and very feminine which contrasts beautifully to its composition which is tough, hardwearing and built to withstand whatever the Great British Countryside throws at it. But if that’s not enough for you…

  • Value for money. It’s something I talk about a lot. I am happy to spend a lot of money on something if it’s going to last and is worth it (I’m talking quality again here). The Belvoir jacket is absolutely worth its price tag. In fact, coming in at under £200 – made entirely in Britain out of some if the best materials on offer, I’d consider it a bargain. You’re definitely only going to have to buy this once too.
  • Not just for the pub, I’ll be wearing this jacket everywhere. It’s the perfect item to take me from home in the countryside to work in the town. Smart enough to blend in with my work attire but casual enough to sling on with a pair of jeans

So, the Belvoir jacket is a winner. A definite must in anyone’s wardrobe and a certain addition to your Christmas wish list. But what to wear it with? As I said, pretty much anything but I do have another cracker to show you from Teddy Edward which pairs perfectly with the Belvoir Jacket.

The Morpeth Shirt

Who doesn’t love a crisp white shirt? It’s literally the epitome of classic, understated elegance. A white shirt can elevate your outfit to another level without being too in-your-face. Paired with jeans it can turn a very casual outfit into something fit for an evening out or combined with a smart skirt you have a winning statement look. I love a white shirt and I don’t think you can ever have too many, so when I saw The Morpeth on Teddy Edward’s website I did a double take.


This white shirt is different, the cut and design is so elegant but such a statement. I love the sweetheart neckline – it is perfect for ladies with a figure, shall we say, but also ones with less of figure. I find shirts really difficult to fit well because they either fit at the top but are loose further down or they fit around the waist but not across the bust without gaping – I’m sure most girls can empathise with this. Well not the Morpeth, with its sweetheart neckline its super flattering and the cut is such that it compliments your waist rather than hides it.

I love the way the neckline is cut is completely bespoke to Teddy Edward and is actually based upon the old style hunting shirts – yet again another example of how the brand has its roots very firmly in the British countryside. It’s a standout piece that is perfect paired with jeans and the Belvoir coat for an evening at your local – a statement without being too bold, but is equally suited to, well just that – a suit. A sharply cut suit would be the perfect partner for this shirt, or a smart skirt which gives you a totally different look. I’m also planning to wear mine to work, for those more formal days when you are looking to impress.

Not only is the tailoring a testament to Teddy Edward’s design and craftsmanship but the attention to detail also gives this shirt the edge. I love the navy cufflinks that come as part of the package, incredibly smart and its little added extras such as this which make this shirt special. Definitely one to add to your collection!

So as I said way back at the beginning…

…Teddy Edward is certainly one to watch. A very country-inspired and orientated brand with a modern very stylish twist which puts Teddy Edward on the map. Perfect for all those country bumpkins who still want to look good but equally perfect for those city slickers who want to add a touch of country into their wardrobe without straying too far away from the sharp tailoring that they know and love so much. My advice would be to jump straight on this bandwagon – you’ll be the envy of your friends and family and the talk of the town – well country…obviously!


H x