Not just for Superhero’s…

I’m just going to put it out there straight away – I love capes. I’m sure many of you already know that given my somewhat extensive collection that is often on display in my Instagram posts. Why do I love them so much? Well they’re completely versatile – throw over the top of jeans for a casual country look or pair with a dress for serious glam. Basically you can wear them again and again but you can get so many different looks from just one item. What else? One of the biggest reasons I love capes is that it doesn’t matter if you’re having a ‘fat’ day – come on be honest, we all have them – the cape will still make you look fabulous and hide all of those *imaginary, I’m sure* body hang ups. It doesn’t matter whether you are tall or petite (no use of the word ‘short’ here!), thin or fat… or just average and old or young, everyone can pull off the trend. Seriously. Super flattering and versatile, it’s no wonder the cape has made a comeback.

From the catwalk to the high street and everywhere in between capes are in and they’re here to stay! With so many options now available, it’s hard to choose just one to talk about – particularly as I am so in love with capes I have a few different ones – but I’ve found one that really is perfect for everyone.

Capes are fantastic – they’re ideal for all occasions including when you want to feed your inner child and play in the autumn leaves!

Evemy & Evemy

A couple of months ago, back at the beginning of September I was introduced to Evemy & Evemy (you may have seen the cape feature in my recent Autumn with Ariat post). A very new brand, established just this year in fact, that promises to combine the very best of British manufacturing and materials with an up-to-date, bang-on-trend eye for design. Seamlessly taking the wearer from country to city and back again, the products from Evemy & Evemy will not disappoint. I did a little bit of research on the brand before investing in a product because I really like to know the full story and I love that every single one of the products is made by hand in Britain by a skilled manufacturer. All of the materials used for the capes are sourced from British producers too, which is another really important thing. I know I bang on about it a lot on here, but we really should support local British produce, whether that be a sack of spuds or a luxury item of clothing (even better if it is the latter!).

“Understated British Luxury Wear”

is what Evemy & Evemy promise. A bold statement but one that is definitely true of the brand and to be honest I was interested from that point onwards. Understated British Luxury sounds right up my street (well, lane is probably more accurate!).

So we know that Evemy & Evemy use the best possible materials and people to produce a quality item but how does that translate into the real world of wearing? Don’t worry, I’ve done the testing for you so there’s no need for uncertainty – try before you buy without any of the trying.

Back to the Cape…

The gorgeous Buckwheat Cape from Evemy & Evemy

I chose the Buckwheat Cape in the cinnamon colour. After speaking to the founding director of Evemy & Evemy (I told you I like to find out as much as possible!) who by the way is an absolutely lovely lady named Sophie – the brains and the powerhouse behind this exciting new company, I settled for the Buckwheat. One of the first designs to come out of the brand and certainly one of the best.

The cape itself lives up to the promise of ‘understated luxury’. The design is minimalist which gives a very classy, stylish look – no need for embellishments here which would distract from the delicate feel of the cape. The cape is very well cut too; clean, sharp lines blend perfectly with the delicate, minimalist nature of the fabric to give an edge to the cape and ensure that on-trend look. What I also love about the simple design is that it is timeless and elegant.

When spending a lot of money on a product, I always try to go for classic pieces that will stand the test of time, there really is no point buying something crazy and being able to wear it for a month before it’s out of date. But that’s wear style and fashion differ and for me, I’d much rather be stylish than fashionable. Another great thing about this look is that it transcends age, size and shape. The elegant look means that it’s not only perfect for me but it’s ideal for an older generation too. When my cape arrived I asked my mum for her opinion – as I do with everything I buy, she’s definitely the reason for my obsession with shoes and bags and she always looks great, and she had tried the cape on before I had chance! That’s really the only endorsement Evemy & Evemy need! She looked fantastic in the cape – even better than I do to be perfectly honest but unfortunately she wouldn’t let me take a picture and prove it, so you’ll just have to take my word for it!

I also love the attention to detail with the cape. So I’ve said it’s a minimalist design and I do stick by that, but there are some small details that take the cape from simple to classic, elegant and stylish. I love the addition of the Donegal tweed and classic buttons which adds a great country twist.

So the design and cut of the cape is beautiful but what else? I want to come back to the point about versatility here. The design enables the cape to be versatile, as I said you can pair it with jeans for the perfect weekend in the country look or throw it over a smart dress for an evening out which is a much better look for a delicate dress than a heavy coat. It would also be ideal to wear out shopping. Where a coat may be too warm to wear in the shops, the cape is a perfect fix. Great for layering too, the collarless design comfortably allows for the addition of a thick, chunky scarf or wear with a polar neck underneath for a striking contrast. As I’ve had the cape for over a month now, I’ve tested it in a few situations and I’m pleased to say that it has coped well with all of them!

This cape isn’t cheap, it comes with a 280 pound price tag but that is all down to the quality of the materials used and the skill that has gone into making it. Whilst it may be expensive to buy, one thing is for certain – you’ll only have to buy it once and that’s why I think it’s certainly worth the money. The versatility of the cape is another good reason for the price tag, if this is the only outerwear you had hanging on the coat peg it wouldn’t matter because you can use it for so much. I definitely won’t be saving this cape for special occasions, what’s the point in that – it means I’ll hardly get to use it! If I’m going to spend a decent amount of money on something, I want to get my wear out of it. So I’ve tested the ‘country to town’ theory.

I’ve taken the cape out shopping – tick, that was a success but I guess it’s a fashion item so using it for trips to the shops is within its limits. But I’ve also taken it ‘off-road’ so to speak. Whilst the cape is not the most practical item I’m going to feature on the blog, just by the nature of the design, I still want an element of practicality.  I love wearing this cape out walking the dogs, obviously dog walking or walking in the countryside alone is a fairly low-impact task but the cape is showerproof so it’s great for our unpredictable British climate. Well I suppose it is if you have to stick to public footpaths and have well-behaved dogs, but I have really given mine a test. Dogs with muddy paws that want to give you a ‘cuddle’ half-way round your walk, brambles and proper middle-of-the-field walks have given the cape a great test and I’m pleased to say it still managed to remain classy and elegant. I, on the other hand with brambles in my hair and mud under my nails, am probably another story – but at least we managed to get a true country look!


You don’t have to be a superhero to wear this cape

Evemy & Evemy have done a brilliant job with this design and have definitely established themselves as a luxury British brand that are firmly in the country style corner. The aim of the company is to provide quality, classic items that are able to comfortably transition between town and country. The town part of the deal goes without saying and I’d certainly agree that it provides exceptional country style that is practical for some use in the countryside – just don’t try and go riding in it! Seriously though, the cape is perfect for everyone and it’s a timeless piece for every wardrobe.

H x


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