What the Hygge?!

What and Why?

Were definitely my first questions when I heard the word for the first time. The explanation, and indeed the endorsement, of such a thing should certainly be left for these uber-stylish bloggers and lifestyle coaches that are experts at clean-living (most probably vegan, green smoothie drinkers, very modern and super cool) and I am about as far from that as you can probably get. I’m also not the kind of girl to read lifestyle books and learn how to be happy, think smarter – or whatever the latest trend is. My answer to feeling a little blue, or the solution to any problem, is a good gallop on one of my horses, a long walk around the fields or to be snuggled up with a good cuppa/hot chocolate (special occasions only) after a rainy, cold morning outside.

So why do I now feel the need to read a book telling my how to be happy? and more importantly why I am telling you about it?

Well, my family, definitely my partner, and close friends will tell you that I can’t sit still. I’m always on the go. Literally. I have to have every minute of the day planned, organised and filled. If I’m not doing something, I feel like I should be, so I find something to. For example, in November and December last year, there was not one weekend where I had time to spend at home! I’m constantly being told “Harriet, you don’t have to be on the go all the time” “Harriet, you have unrealistic expectations about how much you can do in one day” “it’s OK to have a lie in you know…” I personally think it’s a good thing to be that way – day’s off are precious and at this time of year so is daylight, so why waste it doing nothing? But I have to admit, by the end of last year I was starting to think that I may have bitten off more than I could chew and was beginning to feel constantly exhausted if I’m totally honest. So that’s really the reason for a total break over Christmas¬† and for the new years resolution to try and take more time doing less. And that’s also when I came across Hygge. Sounds weird doesn’t it? What I actually mean is take more time for me, stop rushing around trying to please everyone else and just do what makes me happy – at least for some weekends in the month!

So this afternoon, after a morning of mucking out my horses, visiting the local shooting ground and being outside in the foggy, miserable, bleak weather (when the weather’s rubbish it makes this a whole lot easier!) I’ve decided to start my resolution. Instead of coming home and actively finding things to do, I have had a bath – yep an actual bath with bubbles, hair mask and everything, instead of my usual 5 minute shower – I even moisturised which is basically unheard of for me. I have a stack of beautiful moisturisers which never get touched because, who has time right? And now, I’m going to sit down with my hot chocolate – I’ve been on the healthy eating bandwagon this week (which I do actually enjoy) but a little treat doesn’t go a miss every now and again, I’m not one of these hardcore January dieters! I’m also going to start reading my little book of Hygge and try to take some tips.


I thought if I told you about it, it would actually force me to do it – so I’ll keep you updated with progress and let you know if it has changed my skeptical mind!

Happy Saturday!

H x

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