Sporting Hares – A Welly Revolution

It seemed only fitting that the first A Girl About Country’s “Top Pick” of 2017 featured the most important part of any country person’s wardrobe – the humble Wellington Boot. I don’t know about you but personally, I live in Wellies, growing up on a farm it’s kind of hard not to! Every single day I wear a pair – really, I’m not exaggerating – I need them in winter to keep my feet dry and in summer I am often spotted sporting a pair with my shorts – I hate getting straw and shavings in my socks whilst mucking out so wellies are the only option. I’ve even been known to go out to parties in them..Young Farmers Do’s are certainly not a place for my Jimmy Choos!!

So why am I telling you about Wellies, they’re fairly bog standard staple boots right? Wrong. Every one needs a pair – I dread to think how many pairs we actually have in our house! Whether it’s for walking your dogs (sometime just along a pavement!), travelling across fields, anything related to horses! out in the field shooting or working – everyone has a pair. And they don’t have to be those awful, ugly, cold (what is it with wellies and needing 20 pairs of socks!?) rubber waders that we have all come to associate with a pair of wellies. Nope, you’ll definitely want to be seen sporting these – in fact I’d go as far as to say that Sporting Hares are starting a Welly revolution…

The Fieldsport Boot

Sporting Hares have certainly had a busy year making their mark on the countryside style scene (see Sporting Hares) winning awards left, right and centre and producing some of the most beautifully preppy and thoroughly country, yet practical items for us country bumpkins that don’t want to be forgotten when it comes to the fashion stakes. So if the year of the Beauchamp Blazer wasn’t enough..SH have been working on a top secret, revolutionary wellington boot – an essential for every country dweller. With the help of the most important people in the country – the ones who know it and love it better than anyone – farmers (I know I’m biased but it’s true!), SH have designed what promises to be the most comfortable (there’s a first for Wellies), practical, WARM (yes I did just say that word in the same sentence!) and heavy duty welly.

Sounds like a tall order…

I’d agree, it would certainly be a first to have a Welly that provides all of those desirables and a definite Godsend for those who really do live in their boots.With a memory-foam type technology and structural support for comfort (if you’ve worn wellies all day, you’ll know how achy your feet are at the end of it) and a heavy-duty sole with super grip because we’ve all slipped over in the ice whilst wearing a pair. To enhance practicality, Sporting Hares are starting to promise what has previously been unthinkable for wellies. Add into the mix a full zip to allow for a wider boot – finally something for those who have previously struggled with calf size and a plush neoprene lining (diamond stitched to protect feet up to -30oC!!) to keep your toes toasty, I think these boots could be a winner!

Oh one other thing…

These boots are very reasonably priced (particularly when looking at other Neoprene lined wellies that don’t offer all of the other added extras of the Fieldsport) only £125.00 they will be flying off the shelves.

I’m definitely going to be first in line for a pair and I will be properly road-testing them as soon as they arrive so I’ll let you know how they fare – but put it this way, if they are being described as “revolutionary” and “groundbreaking” by farmers..well you know there’s something to get excited about!

You can pre-order the Fieldsport here – and what better excuse to do so than this miserable January weather we are currently experiencing!



  1. Badge fell off after 3 days. Boots then split after 6 weeks wear letting in water. Still waiting on resolution as to refund /replacement 6 weeks on despite sending photo evidence. Shocking customer service for boots that cost £90 !


    1. Oh Karen, very sorry to hear of this. I actually didn’t get to road test a pair of the wellies after writing my blog (which was based on information only not my own personal experience – unusual for my blog). Have you tried contacting via social media?


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