Annie, get your LightGun

Definitely another long overdue post…but my excuse for this one is that I absolutely had to test it to the max before I could be sure to recommend it to you! I mentioned at the start of the year that this month would have a focus on shooting – the game season is rapidly drawing to a close and yesterday was my last day of the season (but more about that later) and I wanted to share as much of my season with you as possible. Hence the reason for this post – it’s been a big part of my game (and clay!) shooting this year and if I do the review justice, it will be a big part of yours next season!

So, what am I talking about?

The LightGun by Wardfield.

A must-have shooting accessory that is so much more than just a  holster to take the weight of your gun on those long days out in the field. Of course, this is the primary reason for investing in one, but I wouldn’t feature any product on my blog that wasn’t something special, that I need to shout about. As you know, I have 3 main things that I look for in any product I buy – and yes I do bang on about them a lot but it is important to me – practicality what’s the point in having something that isn’t fit for purpose?), quality (things don’t last 5 minutes in the countryside if they are not built to last) and last but definitely not least, style (just because something has to be tough, practical and able to withstand the daily challenges of country life, does not mean it can’t look pretty!). I also love to support British- made products wherever possible, because it’s so important to support local businesses and as a Farmer’s daughter I know this better than most. So it goes without saying that the LightGun ticks all of these boxes.


Initially I did think, why do I need one of those? I don’t do anywhere near enough shooting to warrant having one and I certainly won’t get my use from it, but I read about the benefits that the LightGun offers and decided to give it a go, any excuse to shop! I wanted to try it out for myself and see if it really is as good as people say. In short – it is. But in more detail, here’s why I think it’s a worthwhile investment for every shooter.


Yep, it’s coming back down to my 3 most important factors, but the LightGun really is practical. Whilst I haven’t got a huge wealth of experience with game shooting to recall to you, what I have found is that it’s hard going. A full day out in the field is a workout – yesterday was a brilliant case in point – because it was so wet and cold, the mud was sticking to my boots and adding a few extra stone to my weight, and we were covering some ground – great workout for the legs but boy does it make you tired. Hauling around your cartridge bag and gun is no joke in conditions like that. This is where the LightGun comes in to it’s own – it takes the weight of your gun, distributing it evenly across your back and shoulders.

It’s also brilliant whilst you’re on the peg, because you can be ready to shoot without having to hold the broken gun across the crook of your arm, or rest a closed gun on your hip – which makes you really tired. Sometimes (I don’t know about your experience), you can be waiting a good while for the birds to show themselves and holding your gun for such a long time can really take it’s toll. Which makes your arms tired and then you become less accurate when you do shoot because of the fatigue. The LightGun takes the fatigue out of your arms and ultimately can then improve your accuracy for a longer duration. I always start to ache when get to the last few drives and then I find that I might miss something that I probably would have hit with fresh arms earlier in the day. For me, if the LightGun enables a few extra birds at the end of the day, it’s a worthwhile investment. The same applies with clays – if you’re shooting a lot, the LightGun will do the same thing for you. Oh and you can add an extra layer of practicality by selecting to add a cartridge holder onto your LightGun strap so you’re always ready to shoot!


The LightGun is made from really high quality materials, so it’s built to withstand the elements and made to last, which is a good thing really given the weather that nature can throw at us!  The LightGun was an idea born from a Farmer’s son (who knows a thing or two about the need for quality and practicality!) and has been designed and finished in the UK by people who know everything there is to know about shooting – who have actually experienced the need for such a product and have therefore designed the solution to their shooting problems.


Just because something is super functional does not mean it has to look bad. The LightGun is currently available in three different options, to complement your shooting wardrobe – Oxblood Brown or Tan with two different options of stitching. As the Queen of Tan, I couldn’t choose anything but, so I went with the Tan 20 gauge LightGun with yellow stitching as this most closely reflects and compliments the colour of my shooting wardrobe. It’s subtle and elegant, so it would fit perfectly with formal shoot days with a strict dress code or equally as well on rough shooting days or out on the clays. What I also love about this bit of kit is that you can personalise it with your initials – this comes highly recommended so everyone knows it belongs to you in case of any requests to ‘borrow’! It also finishes off a beautifully made product perfectly.

The final verdict?

The LightGun has definitely helped to reduce fatigue for me, which I really do believe has enhanced my shooting at the end of the day – normally if my arms are tired I tend to give up a little bit and perhaps not shoot as much as I would earlier in the day. I also love the way that the LightGun compliments my shooting outfit, it stands out without being too much of a statement. I haven’t found that it hinders my shooting either, which I was sceptical about to begin with but having the LightGun across your shoulder still allows for a full swing. I forget that I even have it on to be honest.

But don’t just take my word for it – on yesterday’s shoot the other guns were very impressed with how the LightGun worked, and if it can convert some very experienced shots (most of which are true countrymen or farmers that do not part with their money unnecessarily!) then I think that’s a pretty big statement!

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