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We all know I’m a Fairfax & Favor fan, I have been from the start and I love everything about the Brand. The fact that it was born deep in the Norfolk Countryside by two great friends who actually care about producing the highest quality items with the end user in mind – which just so happens to be themselves, their family and friends as well as their ever growing customer base – makes Fairfax & Favor stand out from the crowd. Every single item that the Boys (Fairfax – Marcus and Favor – Felix) have designed and produced is expertly crafted from the best quality materials by the most knowledgeable and experienced craftsman and women in the business. Not only that, each piece is classic, timeless and elegant yet totally on trend at the same time – an investment that will not only withstand but also compliment the whimsical and ever-changing trends that “fashion” throws at us. Roll all of those factors into one, it’s no wonder that the luxury lifestyle brand has gone from strength to strength in the three short years that it has been established. And with so many exciting new plans and products in the pipeline, Fairfax & Favor are certainly not resting on their laurels.


Queue the opening of a shiny new showroom nestled in the heart of Fairfax & Favor’s Norfolk-based HQ. Designed to offer customers a truly personalised and dedicated shopping experience which further elevates the luxury feel of the brand. I, for one, think it’s a fantastic idea. When you’re spending a lot of money on that one special item you have thought about for ages, the last thing you want is to be rushed in and out of the shop without so much as a ‘thank you’. That’s what Fairfax & Favor do (and have always done) so well – customers are the heart of the business and are never forgotten, but with the addition of a one-to-one shopping experience in the comfort and style of the HQ surroundings – this feeling is amplified even more than usual. Since I heard of the plans to open a showroom, I have been dying to see the end result and yesterday I was lucky enough to be one of the first to see the end result – along with fellow brand ambassador and local friend of mine, Abi aka Tic Toc Eventing. We both had high expectations for the showroom as their show stands are of such exceptional standard and I think we can both honestly say that we were not disappointed!

Fairfax & Favor HQ is pretty impressive even without the showroom – a Grade II listed stables and courtyard nestled deep in the Norfolk countryside couldn’t be a more fitting home for the brand to lay it’s roots. But with the showroom, it offers customers a glimpse of the real Fairfax & Favor, a chance to witness first-hand the inner workings, the newest products and the luxury of the brand.


As soon as you walk in you get a feeling of luxury, from the huge leather Chesterman sofas that adorn each stone wall to the products themselves showcased in the most beautiful cabinets (but more about those later) – it’s difficult to know where to look first! First impressions count for so much and I can guarantee that I will not be the only one to think ‘stylish, classy, sleek and elegant’ when you first walk through the door.

Some of Fairfax & Favor’s achievements on display in the showroom including the HUGE total they managed to raise for Breast Cancer Care last year

The overall feel of the entire showroom is completely reflective of the brand- classic and traditionally country manner without the airs and graces or stuffiness – this country manner has had a modern makeover, keeping all of the factors that make country life so important but bringing in the fresh, innovative and modern twist that the city has to offer. It compliments the products in such a way that you quite literally want to buy one of everything on the shelves!

We were greeted and hosted by the wonderful Jenny; Graphics design and Publishing Guru as well as Head of Social Media which is no mean feat given the thousands of followers Fairfax & Favor now boast! A quick tour of the HQ office and old stable block-come-stock room (why fill a stable with a horse when you can fill it with hundreds of pairs of shoes and boots!?) and we were back to the showroom for a serious trying on session. I have to admit it was a little awkward when the question “what would you like to try on?” was asked – Abi’s response “Ermmmm EVERYTHING”, my response “Hmmm, what don’t I have already?” Cringe…what can I say – I am a true fan, maybe a little obsessed (which is testament to the product quality and style) and kind of like a magpie with anything shiny when it comes to Fairfax & Favor. Good job there’s lots of exciting new products already in the showroom as well as in the pipeline – 2017 is certainly going to be a busy and exciting year for Fairfax & Favor!

Shhh…gossip alert!

So new products, I’ve mentioned that there are quite a few – some of which are top secret (it’s going to be difficult to keep it zipped on those, especially as we were lucky enough to drool over them!), some which are just secret (I’ll let you in on a few of those if you promise not to tell) and some recently launched.

  • Regina Revamped – yep you heard it right, the best selling and most loved boot has had a makeover. Don’t worry, even though it’s sure to change the boot overall it’s a subtle one – after all why try to fix something that is far from broken. The new Regina’s have all of the favourite features of the classic boot but are now fully lined with the signature orange Ostrich leather, making them more sturdy, less likely to wrinkle as the suede stretches and more fitted.
  • Suede Belt – a stunning new addition to the belt collection which will be available to buy really soon. Perfect as a waist belt to compliment a shirt dress or just simply paired with jeans, an accessory that will transition with ease from the smart to casual wardrobe. I really love the signature shield buckle and gold emblem on the belt loop which adds a subtle touch of luxury to the belt and compliments the tan colour perfectly. To be honest, it had me at tan…


  • Over The Knees – I am SO excited for these to arrive, I have actually known about plans to make an over the knee boot for well over a year now and yesterday I got to see the final prototype which will be hitting the shelves soon. Ladies, get this on your wishlist because it is certainly not one you’ll want to miss!


  • The Pembroke – a recently launched addition to the Fairfax & Favor Handbag collection. Small enough to be a suitably smart evening bag but large enough to hold all of your essentials (lets face it ladies, we seem to have a lot of “essentials”), this bag would be the perfect accessory for a day at the races – I am in love.

There are sooo many new products that we were lucky enough to see at the showroom today, some of which are still working progresses and prototypes but nevertheless are super exciting and already look amazing.

Lots of super exciting top secret products adorning the shelves of the Fairfax & favor Stable Block!

Without giving too much away, there’s lots of things to keep your eyes peeled for – boots, shoes, bags – Boys, you haven’t been left out either! With so many new and exciting things about to hit the shelves, now is the perfect time to book an appointment at the showroom. I couldn’t think of a better setting to try on these gorgeous new products, in a one-to-one environment with all of the time in the world to ponder over which to choose – although choosing may be the biggest problem!

We traveled down to HQ on Thursday evening and stayed at The Bedingfeld Arms (you may remember the name from one of my previous posts – read about the Bedingfeld here) which just added to the experience. Unless you’re a local, Norfolk is a bit of a trek and so if you’re going to go, why not make a weekend break of it and head to The Bedingfeld, enjoy a shop at Fairfax & Favor and then take in the sights of Norfolk whilst sporting your new purchases afterwards! I couldn’t recommend booking an appointment at the showroom enough – we were made to feel so welcome (so much so that we didn’t want to leave) by all of the team, they have done a fantastic job with the showroom – so much hard work has gone into designing it so that it maximises the customer’s shopping experience that it’s a real testament to the team’s dedication and passion for the brand. It’s the perfect way to purchase a beautiful Fairfax & Favor product, so I couldn’t resist…

There were so many beautiful new products on display, how could I come away empty handed?! I had to treat myself to the gorgeous new Pembroke in Tan (of course), which will be perfect for Cheltenham Races in a couple of weeks

You can book a private appointment at the showroom by calling the Fairfax & Favor team on 01760 338199 or visiting the website here, you will not be disappointed! X

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  1. What a fantastic blog! I would love to visit Fairfax and Favor next time I visit England from Australia, it sounds like an experience to cherish all of it’s own. I can’t wait to own my own pair F & F.


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