Spring Silks from Evemy & Evemy

So in this post, I’m bringing my ‘Top Picks’ back…and I couldn’t think of a better way to kick off the new series than to share a gorgeous new product from a firm favourite of mine – British brand Evemy & Evemy. Just about to launch on the website, I’m really excited to say that this is an exclusive too – you won’t have seen this product anywhere else yet!

So what is it?

Understated British Luxury

…pretty much sums up the new Pluma silk scarf (and everything else in the collection) from Evemy & Evemy.


You may remember that back in the Autumn last year, I introduced you guys to a newly launched Evemy & Evemy (Not just for Superhero’s…). British Made is very much the solid foundations of this brand which is built to provide timeless, understated but luxury items that could offer the country lady a sophisticated but perfectly practical set of clothes able to withstand the test of time and seamlessly transition from the middle of a field to the heart of the city. There are many things that I love about Evemy & Evemy but the biggest has to be the fact all of their items are hand made in Britain and all of their materials are sourced from Britain too – no compromising here. I also love that the collection is limited to just a few core pieces, which I personally think is inspired. By sticking to a couple of exceptionally designed and manufactured pieces in neutral hues, the collection has a very exclusive feel to it. It also means that there are no limitations to the energy and efforts that go into making the items, which is so important when they are all hand made by a small but dedicated team.

So to the scarf…

I think it’s a perfect addition to the collection, complimenting the signature Evemy & Evemy Cape beautifully. I love a silk scarf too – I think it’s such a great addition to every wardrobe, particularly at this time of year when it’s starting to get a little too warm for our winter wools and furs. A silk scarf adds a touch of elegance and class to any outfit and I think it can elevate a fairly causal outfit to something much smarter and more eye-catching with ease. There are lots of lovely silk scarves available and many more in the pipeline perfect for a country-inspired outfit, so why have I chosen to talk about the Pluma scarf?

Well, quite simply it’s stunning. The feather design features a gorgeous range of different feathers including guinea fowl and pheasant, all of which are hand-drawn by designer and founder Sophie and I think this adds a beautifully natural finish to the scarf. I also love the classic and understated colour palette, making the scarf perfect for so many outfits. Being 100% silk, the scarf is luxurious to touch and ideal to compliment finer fabrics such as summer dresses and blouses as well as being able to add a feminine touch to more classic country items such as an old wax Barbour or a tweed jacket. The scarf is totally adaptable to any outfit and completely versatile – I really like to tie mine around my handbag to add an elegant finish, or use it as a beautiful alternative to a headband.

So the important details – it’s a 59cm square, which is small enough for the scarf to be more of a necktie and not at all bulky under shirts and jumpers. And the price? A definite selling point, at £68 for a 100% British made silk scarf,  it’s really good value. I think this scarf is so beautifully made that on that merit alone, it should be a staple accessory in everyone’s wardrobe. It would be a fabulous addition to so many outfits but I will be looking to mine to complete my outfits for upcoming Badminton Horse Trials (not too warm when walking around the XC course but super stylish next to a crisp white shirt) and shooting with the Femmes Fatales (again a totally unique and stylish but classically country piece that would be right at home here).

A definite Top Pick from me and I’m convinced that as soon as you have seen this it will be for you too! X

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