A Charm-ing new addition to the Hiho Family!

My top pick this week has got to be the brand new addition to the Hiho family – the Foxtail Charm Bead Bracelet. Strictly speaking, it’s not brand new anymore – officially launched at Badminton Horse Trials at the beginning of the month, you may have already seen this little beauty popping up over my Instagram page numerous times. But of course, I’ve had to test it out first so I can be sure it’s worthy of ‘Top Pick’ status!

(ok, ok, who am I kidding – anything that comes from the Hiho stable is a Top Pick!)

Handmade in sterling silver with a unique twisted chain (‘the foxtail’) which is exclusive to Hiho, the bracelet is everything that you would expect from the UK’s leading country and equestrian jewellers – and then some.

So why is it my Top Pick?

Well, lots of reasons really but you know me – my top picks are those that are stylish (check), practical (check) and great quality (check again). So let’s start at the top…

The Foxtail Charm Bead Bracelet is gorgeous. The unique twisted silver chain is beautifully understated, so it’s perfect to wear in a stack of bracelets (I like to team mine with the Hiho Cherry Roller and Rose Gold snaffle bangle, but I guess I would say that!). However, it’s so refreshingly different that I also like to wear it alone – sometimes less is more and with something so eye-catching, it’s really all you need! The attention to detail makes this bracelet classic, elegant and quite simply stunning, I particularly love the clasp with signature Hiho engraving.

Hiho say that they have developed the bracelet to “look gorgeous when adorned with Roller Charm Beads” which of course, it does. But quite honestly, I think this bracelet is charming on it’s own too, the beads definitely add a personal and more bespoke finish but this little beauty can certainly hold it’s own when naked. That said, I love the idea of interchangeable beads meaning that you can customise your bracelet according to your outfit or mood! Even better, the beads aren’t just suitable for the Foxtail, oh no – you can also have them added to your Cherry Roller collection, how brilliant is that? Look out for the ever expanding collection, including the addition of some very special limited edition beads that honour some of our favourite equestrian events. Be quick though, Hiho are only making a small number of these beauties and you definitely don’t want to miss out. I have added the Badminton charm and the bling beads (who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle?) to my foxtail but I’ll definitely be adding a few more over the summer!

One of the things I love most about Hiho is that they effortlessly combine style and practicality, definitely something that should not to be underestimated. Not something that is easily replicated (in fact, I haven’t come across any other jeweller that manages to achieve the same), Hiho can honestly claim that their jewellery takes you from mucking out to going out – trust me I really have tried and tested this statement! Why? because they use top quality materials and design their products with the customer (which over the last 20 years has mostly been horsey people, although there is less of a restriction to the customer base these days) in mind. Who wants to have a bracelet that they have to take off every time they head down to the stables? Not me. Quite honestly I’d forget to put it back on and where’s the point in that? The foxtail is no different, perfect for every occasion and I really do mean everything, I’ve not taken mine off since I got it and it still looks like new.

This bracelet is a must for any country lady – truly stylish and to suit every taste thanks to the addition of the charm beads. Practical – my kitten tries to hang off the end of it because he likes the shiny bead, I’ve managed to get the sweeping brush stuck underneath it whilst mucking out and I ride in it every day – trust me, it’s practical. Quality – for a bracelet to be this practical, it’s got to be made from quality materials, not that I would expect any less from Hiho. It’s a welcome addition to my wardrobe and I’m sure it will be to yours too! X

Oscar approves of the Foxtail!

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