Style Picks with Hiho’s Country Shows Journal

The Country Shows Journal is a fabulous online magazine/journal produced by my wonderful friends at Hiho Silver and Niche Brands, in collaboration with the fantastic Rhea Freeman – PR Guru and all-round lovely lady. Yep Hiho are not just an exceptionally talented one-trick event-horse, they can do more than just create and make the very best equestrian and country-inspired jewellery! If you haven’t seen it before, (where have you been?!) you simply have to download a copy – it’s totally free and jam-packed with so many amazing articles, interviews, behind the scenes gossip, tonnes of exclusives and serious competitions.


This issue focuses on The Royal Highland Show and Game Fair, but of course with Event season in full swing, there’s lots of equestrian inspired features too. There’s also some brilliant Behind the Brands features, one of which is with the fantastic couple behind one of my favourite brands – Mackenzie & George who have to be the loveliest people on the country scene.

There’s also a little feature from me…


I have been privileged enough to feature in Hiho’s Country Shows Journal previously and amazingly, they asked me to contribute again this issue! In my second feature for Hiho, I’m talking about my summer plans and top style picks for the season. I won’t give the game away but there’s some of my favourite brands featured (some of which are offering AGAC readers some very exclusive discounts as part of my 10K competition, so make sure you check them out!).


I’d love you to check out the journal if you have a spare 10 minutes. I definitely recommend setting aside an hour with a pot of tea (in a Doris & Co teapot of course), sat in the garden (or if the weather is anything like it is here, with a good blanket curled up on the sofa – has anyone told the weather it’s supposed to be June!) and enjoying some peace and quiet. Indulging in some ‘me time’ is not something I have the opportunity to do very often, but when I do – this is one of my favourite ways to relax.

You can read the latest CSJ installment here, I’m already looking forward to the next one!


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