License to Thrill! Top Pick from Albion Sporting

Following on from my exclusive interview with Albion Sporting (if you haven’t seen it already click here) my Top Pick this week just had to be one of their new products. You already know how much I adore my bespoke gun slip and matching cartridge bag that was handmade by the Midlands based team at HQ last year. It was (or is!) an exquisite piece of craftsmanship and definitely an investment that will stand the test of time. Which is a good job because it was definitely one of those ‘once in a lifetime’ purchases!

However, Albion don’t just offer luxury products to suit luxury budgets, they have lots of different collections so there is always something to suit everyone’s needs. Whilst I had to think (and save!) long and hard for the bespoke gun slip and cartridge bag, you won’t have to think twice about the new shotgun certificate holders! Still crafted in the same way, using the same materials these license holders are affordable luxury for everyone. And because everyone who has a shotgun needs to have a license.. it’s a perfect product for all.


So the lowdown…

The license holders are available from either the Classic or the Virtue range – so if you already have a slip or bag from a range, you can match your license holder to the same leather or colour. Very important for the fashion conscious on the field…


They come in a range of colours too, and by range I really do mean virtually every colour of the rainbow (plus a rainbow of tan-chesnut-brown and you know how much I love that…). Another great thing – totally practical. It’s so important to keep your license safe, without it you won’t be able to take your gun out or go shooting but that doesn’t mean the thing keeping it safe can’t be beautiful too. The license holders are made from the very best leathers which will withstand anything the elements can throw at them, kind of important when they are going to spend most of their lives outside on a clay shooting ground or field.

I also think they would make fantastic presents, I know it’s WAY too early to start thinking about Christmas but, if you’re anything like me you’ll go to all of these shows over the summer, find great gift ideas – not buy them and then panic in December when you can’t find anything suitable! So it’s just worth mentioning.. and at just £45, they are completely affordable for every budget which means you can treat yourself as well as someone special!

I absolutely love my license holder and can’t wait to take it out into the field this season. After the compliments I received last year on my gun slip and cartridge bag, I just know that everyone (even the oldies and the gentlemen) will love this product. I think Albion have really hit the nail on the head here and produced something special for all budgets without compromising on the craftsmanship and quality that make Albion so unique. It’s very rare to be able to find something that suits all, from yourself to your Grandad and everyone in between, but this is a product that can really fill that brief.

As the license holders are a brand new product, launching at the Game Fair, I’ve not long had mine so I haven’t tested it to the max yet – but I will and I will be sure to let you know how it fares. Although I suspect already know the answer.

Are you visiting the Game Fair this year?

If so, make sure you head over to the Albion Sporting stand. I know there’s lots to see and it’s easy to miss some things out but don’t let Albion be one of them, you’ll be missing out if you do!

If you’re not at the Game Fair, make sure you visit the shiny new Albion website before all of these beauties sell out!

H x



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