My Horse Box – the Super Subscription!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t particularly look forward to checking the post box each day. Usually because the content is either bills or junk mail, neither of which are particularly exciting. But that all changed when a parcel arrived a few weeks ago by the name of My Horse Box – a monthly subscription service for equestrian lovers and their four legged friends.

I’ve been watching My Horse Box on social media over the last year or so with much interest, but admittedly not enough to sign up for a box – why? Well I’m one of those ridiculously irrational people who doesn’t like to commit to spending money each month on something I don’t (think I) need…but then I’m perfectly happy to splurge on an impulse purchase.. I know, completely irrational logic. However, after receiving my first box, I am very pleased to say that my original outlook has completely changed and I will definitely be signing up to receive a My Horse Box each month from now on!


So what is it?

My Horse Box contains a whole host of equestrian based goodies, all of which are full size – fantastic, no samples here! The aim is provide a box of luxury equestrian treats for both you and your horse from a variety of brands from big well-known companies to small, independent and upcoming ones.

One of my biggest scepticisms about signing up for the box is that it would contain a whole load of useless stuff, things that seem like a good idea when they arrive but that I’d never actually use. But, unlike many other subscription services, My Horse Box have really thought about this and in my opinion, totally nailed it. The box is themed, so each month there’s a different focus and the items contained in the box are based around this topic.


I personally think that the theme is the key to My Horse Box’s success. Not only does the box provide gorgeous products that compliment each other, so you’re much more likely to use them, but the theme also provides inspiration to the subscriber. As I keep my horses at home, I tend to ride out a lot on my own and sometimes, particularly at this time of year when the fields are ploughed or wet, I really lack inspiration for what to do and as a consequence start to lose motivation because I’m riding the same route or doing the same thing most days. With My Horse Box providing a theme it gives you something to focus on, particularly as there’s a growing community of subscribers and a monthly hashtag for you to share your experiences of the theme on social media. I really like this social aspect that the box brings as riding can be quite an isolated sport – especially if you don’t have any friends who ride or that are local to you, so it encourages people to interact and support each other, make friends and spur each other on to achieve more – which can only be a good thing right?!

Show me the box!

So I received the September box (I know, I’m a little late posting this as we are now in October) and this is what I received:

  • Equetech Riding Socks. Who doesn’t need an extra pair of riding socks? My feet are always cold and I’m always in need of a pair! These socks are the perfect boot accessory, with grip panels and cushioned soles for extra comfort (always handy, particularly if you’re outside wearing boots all day) and a super stylish snaffle design. Oh and the best bit? There’s two pairs for double the treat!
  • Aqueos Antibacterial Tack and Disinfectant Wipes. I really wish I was one of those people who cleaned their tack after every ride, so it was perfectly gleaming for the next time. Sadly the truth is, I’m the total opposite of those people and my tack rarely gets cleaned (usually just before a competition because I can’t be seen in public with such dirty tack!) – my excuse is that I never have the time to spend hours cleaning tack, I’d rather spend the extra 10 minutes it would take me after every ride actually riding. But with these tack wipes, which are bacteria, fungi and virus-killing in addition to grease, mould and dirt busters – a quick wipe after each ride takes away the laborious cleaning regime and still keeps tack in tip top condition. If these handy little wipes can convert me, they can convert anyone – trust me!
  • Old Style Horse Remedies – Apple Bit Balm. I’m really intrigued to try this – billed as a natural soothing product that prevents rubbing and chaffing of the bit as well as encouraging acceptance of the bit, this product promises to be your schooling buddy. I can’t wait to try it out, if it’s even half as good as the smell it will be a winner!
  • Hilton Herbs – Herballs. I’m a really mean horse owner – I never buy treats for my horses! (Not because I don’t love them, because quite frankly I love them more than the majority of people I know!), so I know my girls are going to be thrilled with these. What’s great is that the treats are completely natural and free from any artificial sugars and flavourings so you can give your horse a treat without compromising it’s health.
  • True Horse – Truecalm. Again, I’m not a huge supplement user so it’s not something I ever would have picked from the shelf, but I am very interested to try this calming herbal horse tea! Truecalm promises to help your horse perform at their best by helping them to feel calmer and happier which will result in a more productive training sessions. It’s probably fair to describe both of my riding horses as the opposite of calm at times! So this supplement will certainly come in handy – I can’t wait to report back on how I’ve found it.

In addition to the above – like there needed to be anything else! The box also contained a really interesting interview article with Sophie Christiansen and was filled with a variety of exclusive discount codes and treats from lots of other brands – I’m definitely going to be using the Super X Country discount to get some XC colours for next season – if we look good, we’re bound to perform well…or at least that’s the excuse I’ll be justifying the purchase with!

How does it work?

After seeing whats inside, I’m sure you’ll want to order yourself a box! So here’s how it works…

You can choose a one month or three month subscription (I think the 3 month option is great, because once you’ve signed up to one, you’ll be hooked and by signing up for three months, you’re monthly cost is lower – a win on all accounts I’d say!), starting from £34.99 but always containing at least £50 worth of goodies – I mean by signing up, you’re practically saving yourself money!

Simply choose your preferred option and select your payment options, you can even set up an automatic payment so each month the money is taken from your account and you don’t have to do anything (which is great if you’re rather forgetful, like me!).

Sadly not for kittens, but Oscar still approves!!

Overall verdict?

As you know, I only feature things on my blog that I genuinely love so it goes without saying I that wholeheartedly recommend a My Horse Box subscription. It’s the perfect treat for any horse lover and often contains things that you didn’t know you needed, but after using you can’t live without! I know it’s only October, but I’m going to go there – this would also make the perfect gift for Christmas, particularly for those horsey members of the family that have everything and you never know what to buy them!

I can’t wait for the postman to deliver my next subscription box!

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