What I’m Wearing This Week

So here goes…this idea has been one in the pipeline for a very long time but one that I’ve never dedicated the time to finalising. I’m revamping my ‘style guide’ section and will be replacing it gradually with new content, so as always – I’d love to hear your feedback as and when the new content comes into force. If there’s anything in particular you’d like to see that I’m not currently writing about, I’d also love to hear that too (within reason of course!). But for now..here’s my new feature and I hope you enjoy! X

Since my blog is a country style guide, I wanted to up my style content in a way that was true to me. By that I mean posting style inspirations that I can genuinely recommend, because they’re tried and tested in a variety of real-life situations (you’ll notice everything I post on this feature will be pictures of what I’m wearing, rather than what I’d like to wear or what I’ve seen online). So without further ado (and because these posts are supposed to be shorter than my usual ones!), as it’s Halloween today, my first ‘what I’m wearing’ is inspired by my trip to the pumpkin patch.


Head to Toe…

  • Blanket Scarf, Zara

Sadly, I can’t give you the exact details of this scarf because it’s so old. But I have checked up online and Zara are still selling very similar big, cosy square scarves (which also double up really nicely as picnic blankets!) – click here to see more. I love this scarf because of the autumnal hues – I’ve been super excited to get my Autumn wardrobe back out again and this scarf is always a regular feature. The mustard and aubergine colours are bang on trend for Autumn and yet never seem to go out of style. And…it’s really snuggly for those cooler days that aren’t quite cold enough for a coat.

  • Lambswool Roll Neck, Tom Lane

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m pretty much living in this gorgeous roll neck from Tom Lane. To be honest, I don’t think I can sum up just how much I love this sweater in a few words but I’ll try and give it a go – One In Every Colour Please. It has become my go-to pick for so many reasons, so much so that I’m starting to think my wardrobe only consists of one jumper! Firstly, it’s really versatile, I’ve worn it with so many different outfits for lots of different occasions from sitting at home in my pyjamas (for this option also check out the alpaca stripy socks from Tom Lane – gorgeous!), out picking pumpkins with jeans and boots and even with a suede skirt and heeled ankle boots for a smart (but warm) outfit.

It’s also incredibly well made, which is shown by the attention to detail given to such a simple-looking jumper including the ribbed cuffs and shoulders, and the side splits which allow the jumper to hang lower at the back than the front. It’s one of those timeless classics that suit absolutely everyone from your younger sister to your Gran and everyone in between, and what’s great is that it can be dressed up with accessories or stand tall all by itself. Another great thing – it’s incredibly warm, but completely breathable too which is quite the revelation.

So attention to detail? check. Quality materials? check. Stylish? check and Practical? check again. Perfect for the coming winter months and a great gift idea for Christmas too. I will certainly be asking for another colour on my Christmas list!

  • Long Cherry Roller, Hiho Silver

We all know of my love for Hiho, so I’m going to keep this short and sweet. This long cherry roller necklace  has to be a must for every equestrian/country lover/ fashionista/ style queen. It is my failsafe pick if I don’t know what to wear – I know that sounds silly but let me explain.

Plain is not boring, it’s a blank canvas or an opportunity to showcase your individual style. For me, I deliberately pick ‘plain’ (or what I prefer to call classic) outfits for a few reasons – they don’t go out of fashion, which means you can invest in a really good quality piece knowing that you’ll still be able to wear it in years to come – quality ALWAYS comes over quantity for me. Secondly, more basic style pieces allow you to choose your own style, dress it up with your individual choices to make it more personal to you. As the Queen Bee of Hiho has said to me before, ‘Jewellery is King‘ and it really is in this case. The long, delicate nature of this necklace means it’s the perfect evening and daytime accessory. It’s subtle and understated which in turn makes it classy and elegant. Pair with a plain black dress and you’ve got yourself a knockout statement. The cherry roller design just adds to my love for this piece, because it brings a little equestrian heritage to the outfit, so much so that I was asked by a shop assistant on one of my rare trips into the city if my necklace was ‘from Chanel?’.

  • Clara H20 Boots, Ariat 

It is finally the season for long boots to become an acceptable footwear choice for every day! It’s so difficult to decide on which pair to go for, with so many great options out there. But I really have to champion these gorgeous new Clara H20 boots from Ariat because they tick all of the boxes I look for in a good piece of clothing/footwear. I think Ariat sometimes get forgotten as a country casual outfitter, because they are so well renowned for producing the best technical equestrian wear, but that’s exactly why we should have them at the top of our list. They know how to make good quality (scrap that, the best quality), innovative and technically the best performing boots for riding, right? and this expertise has most definitely been carried through to the country wear range – makes sense.

So Ariat’s boots are comfy? Of course they are, you could wear them all day and feel like you were in your slippers, no breaking in required. They are also exceptionally practical. Take this particular outfit for example – the first day I take these boots out of the box, literally put them straight on and walk into a wet muddy field. Yes – grey boots, which are still very much in tact. But what elevates these boots to make them something special is the careful design and completely elegant style that has been created by the Ariat team. Perfect for days out in the field, but because of the feminine, non-bulky design, also perfect for evenings out too. The grey colour adds to the uniqueness of this boot, but if that’s not for you don’t worry as the Clara H20s also come in a beautiful tan. Sure to turn heads, these boots are a winter wardrobe staple for me.


So that’s my first outfit of the week! I really hope you enjoy the series, it’s going to be completely varied and will depend on what I’m up to on that particular week, so hopefully it will give you a glimpse of what I get up to as well!


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