What I’m Wearing This Week #3.. Pub Lunch!

This week (which was actually supposed to be last week’s post…) is all about the perfect outfit for a pub lunch. Or more specifically, a Sunday Roast, which at this time of the year is virtually the law on a Sunday. Heading out for Sunday lunch is a bit of a treat for me, usually I cook at home or head to my parents (my mum does a way better job than me, or anyone else for that matter) which means I’m inevitably in comfy loungewear or my farm clothes (because as my Dad says – there’s always jobs to do on a farm and lunch doesn’t come for free!). So it’s always a treat to be able to get dressed up and put some decent clothes on. Of course, Sunday lunch is about over indulging so that was definitely an important factor in my outfit choice!


Best Foot Forward…

  • Amira Boots, Fairfax & Favor

I couldn’t not start with these boots..but where to start?! I think it’s fair to say these boots are my most coveted. The Amira’s are from my very favourite brand Fairfax & Favor, so needless to say they are exquisitely designed and crafted from the very best materials and what’s better – they’re even suitable for shorties like me! I have to say these boots have been on my list for AGES. Seriously. About 2 years ago I happened to mention to Felix (the ‘Favor’ in Fairfax & Favor), that I was going to treat myself to some Over The Knee boots from Russell & Bromley..he said to me, “just wait Harriet – they’ll be some Fairfax & Favor ones available soon….” Around December time last year when I visited the pre-showroom HQ I was lucky enough to try a prototype boot and was told that the wait was almost over. Fast forward a few prototypes and re-designs later (they guys were not happy to release something that wasn’t 100% right in their eyes) to Badminton Horse Trials this year and the Amira’s were finally released. I have to say, the wait was rather agonising for someone as impatient as myself, but it was completely worth it. These boots are quite literally perfect for everything, OK – well maybe not mucking out, but I guess if you were really determine you could! so I’ll revise my previous sentence to say almost everything! The slightly higher heel makes the boots more dressy and suitable for evenings out paired with a dress, but they’re also equally at home with jeans and a shirt.

As you may know, I’m pretty short (5 foot 2.5 inches is what some may call ‘petite’, other less polite may call borderline dwarf!), so I was worried that any over the knee boots would look like waders on me. Every picture I’d seen featured some beautiful willowy model of about 6 foot..definitely not a replicable look for someone like me! But the Amira’s are perfect for any height as they don’t sit too high over the knee like so many others. For me this is perfect from a practical perspective but also from a style one. I think the hint of over the knee style adds glamour to your outfit, but it’s definitely a refined, classy glamour rather than in-your-face, not-suitable-for-family-outings glamour.

The Amira’s are available in three classic colours – Black, Navy and of course the signature Fairfax and Favor Tan. Naturally being the Tan Queen that I am, chose this option, because it’s my favourite but also because the tan is perfect for any outfit. Country lunch, check. Shopping in the city, check. Evening out, also check. Although knowing how comfortable, flattering and gorgeous these boots are which quite frankly, make any outfit look a million dollars, I may just be tempted to add the navy pair to my Christmas list…

  • Buckwheat Cape in Cinnamon, Every & Evemy

Capes have definitely become a firm favourite of mine over the years because they suit every style, shape and outfit. It doesn’t matter who you are, a cape is sure to flatter and add a touch of style to your outfit. With the comeback of the cape, there are now lots of   beautiful options to choose from but I love the Buckwheat Cape from the lovely Every & Evemy. Why? well there’s so many reasons to be honest but let me try to summarise. The colour is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for this time of year. Autumnal hues have always been a firm favourite of mine and my wardrobe is very much skewed towards A/W styles, so this cape plays straight into my style must haves. I also love that it’s made using traditional methods, by hand in the UK, because let’s be honest – we really should be doing more to support local produce. The design is minimalist which gives a very classy and timeless look – no need for embellishments here which would distract from the delicate feel of the cape. The cape is very well cut too; clean, sharp lines blend perfectly with the delicate, minimalist nature of the fabric to give an edge to the cape and ensure that on-trend look.

  • Lambswool Roll Neck, Tom Lane

Ok, so this polo neck has featured twice already but I told you, I am literally living in this at the moment! It is without a doubt my favourite jumper and something that is already a wardrobe staple. If you take nothing from this post other than how brilliant this jumper is, then writing it would have been worth it! As this jumper has already featured in a recent ‘what I’m wearing’ post (see here), I won’t do a full review again. But what I will say is I couldn’t think of a better piece of clothing to see me through this transitional Autumn-to-Winter period that we seem to be in at the moment. Perfect for lazy afternoons snuggled up by the fire with a hot chocolate (I know, definition of hygge right there!), blustery walks out in the countryside or perfect for dressing up to head out for lunch like I did in this particular outfit. One.In.Every.Colour.Please!

  • Long Chain Cherry Roller, Hiho Silver 

This is another regular feature for me, but there’s very good reason for it! Firstly I have to say that anything from Hiho Silver would look great with this outfit (or any other outfit for that matter!). I particularly like to double (or triple!) up with my Hiho jewellery so what would have looked great, in hindsight, was pairing this long chain with something like my cherry roller pearl necklace – but hey ho, thats perfect outfit inspiration for another day! However, I have to say that the long chain is up there with my favourite pieces from Hiho because it’s so versatile. It is capable of making the plainest of outfits look fabulous without being so bold that it’s distracting. You can see my previous review here, so I won’t bang on too much about it but what I will say is – if it’s not on your Christmas list yet, it really should be!


So that’s Sunday lunch sorted…just in time for Sunday! I’ll be releasing some more ‘what I’m wearing’ posts soon…inspired my winter Autumn/Winter activities, but if there’s something in particular you’d like to see then I’d love to hear from you.

H x

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