Happy New(ish!!) Year!

Wow, its actually the middle of February already (well technically, we’re even past the mid-month mark already aren’t we?!) and can you believe this is my FIRST post of 2018?? Crazy.. I had so many plans and schemes over the Christmas period which were going to start my New Year with a bang, and yet here we are.

Unfortunately the blog has very much taken a back seat over the last few months, but regrettably it was with good reason. It’s not just the blog, I have taken a little break from social media as a whole, for a couple of reasons really – the main one being that I simply haven’t had time to post, write, photograph… We all have that excuse I know, we’re all busy and ‘not having time’ is one of those excuses we use when we actually mean ‘I haven’t prioritised this activity over another’. Well this truly has been the case for me – instead of writing about my New Years Resolutions and my intentions for the New Year, I’ve been living them, so now I can actually talk to you about them. Instead of enjoying myself and getting out and about, I’ve been locked away (ok, I’m not a princess locked in a tower I know that), working full-full time as well as concentrating on my Masters degree. I haven’t had anything to write about, because all I’ve been doing is, well, writing. But who wants to hear about scientific writing and pharmaceuticals and regulatory affairs? Particularly those of you that have clicked on my page to see some country style or lifestyle content. January seemed to pass in the blink of an eye, it was literally a blur – a cold, wet, miserable, busy and very tired blur and February seems to have continued that way.

Plotting, scheming and most importantly blogging again!

I also decided to have a little experiment with my interaction with social media too. I’ve definitely been looking at things from a different perspective recently and I am feeling so much better for missing out on a few Instagram posts, pictures and tweets. I don’t know about you guys – I may be the only crazy person out there – but I was literally obsessed with Instagram. Seriously – I would have to scroll all the way down to the last post I saw, because – why exactly?! Fear of missing out? I don’t know. Definitely fear that I am not upholding my blogging status and that there are plenty of people on Instagram with the time and the ability to pick up where I stopped.

But I’m actually ok with that now.

There are plenty of people on Instagram that have started to do the same as me and that is great – anything that promotes the countryside and some amazing unique and fabulously British brands is good with me.  In fact it’s great. I was driving those closest to me completely crazy with needing to be on social media doing or sharing something, being present but not actually being present. And let’s face it, after seeing other people’s profiles, I’m definitely not the only one that is guilty of that. I see now how artificial the  world of social media can be, no doubt about how powerful it is and how amazing it can be, but only when it’s used properly. Without hidden agenda’s, without scheduling posts, without making out like you’re doing something that you actually did 3 weeks ago (if you ever actually did it!). I can honestly say I have always strived to avoid that mentality and taking those steps – my posts are natural, as they happen and (mostly) unplanned. But it has taken taking a step back to realise the importance of that. Also seeing it done so frequently in such an artificial way has only strengthen my thoughts on this.

So it’s safe to say my opinion has changed, the way I intend to use social media going forward has also changed. I am definitely not stepping down, if anything the blog will be better than ever because of it. But my New Year’s resolution is to do social media for me,  truly reflective of me and what I am feeling and when and because I want to, not because I feel I have to. So there will be a change, because I’m always so conscious of what everyone thinks about me and my life, I avoid posting certain things. Unfortunately I will always be too conscious of what people think, but going forward my social media will reflect everything about me, so prepare for more cat pictures, because my kittens are my world, so why would I not post about them? Because I’m conscious that a lot of my followers are not cat people – well guess what I am – so I guess if you don’t like them that’s ok but this is my life and what I love about it.

I am kind of getting back on top of things now, work, MSc work, health and lifestyle-wise now, so I guess this is a little check in with you all to say I’m still here! I still have lots of exciting content to bring you over the coming months and yes, it will definitely be countryside related. But it will also contain lots of other things that I love and that I hope you will love too.

 As always, thank you so much for your support and love. my blogging dream would never have been a reality without you.

H x


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