Home Sweet Home?

If you’ve been following me on Instagram recently, you’ll notice there has been a distinct lack of posts, for which I apologise and am in process of addressing! You may have also noticed that my Instagram stories are filled with complaints about central heating (or to be more precise, lack of!), with a few spectacular views thrown in for good measure.

Yep that’s right, we have finally moved house!

IMG_6228 2
The start of a new chapter and lots of exciting times ahead!

A bit of history…

Our first house was a new build, in a rather large village but a village nevertheless. Ideal as a starter home and thanks to it’s perfect location, great to give us a helping hand for buying our new house. Since moving in there, we knew we wanted to move out – having both grown up on farms with nothing but fields and animals as as far as the eye could see, we knew suburbia wasn’t going to suit us forever (I mean, my parent’s house doesn’t even have frosted glass in the bathroom because it doesn’t need to protect any privacy and the views are so glorious it would be a shame to block them out!). I’m probably painting the old house out to be far worse than it actually was – the house itself was lovely, the street was incredibly quiet and it was such a treat to be able to walk to to a warm house with an endless supply of piping hot water! As lovely as all of these things were though, I think it’s fair to say we both felt incredibly claustrophobic looking out on countless other gardens, having to worry about who was parking their car on the drive etc. Growing up on a farm in the countryside definitely spoils you, and probably gives you unrealistic expectations for what you’re future house should be like, particularly if you are not taking over the family farm and moving back into the family home!

Moving out…farm style!

Onwards and Upwards

So it’s fair to say that I had been on the lookout for something more suitable pretty much since the Sold sign came down! Being told yet again that I had unrealistic time expectations and that we would be staying where we were for a while, I had kind of given up on the house hunting idea. But just as I had finally accepted this, out of the blue a house came up for sale in the village where I grew up and where my family still farm. I have to point out that this is kind of a big deal – the village is teeny tiny and most of the original occupants still live there. It’s the kind of place where you step back in time, everyone knows everyone and there is a real sense of community. On our street, there are 8 houses and only 2 of them have ‘new’ people in (and by new I mean they are not the original owners!). It probably sounds like a lot of people’s worse nightmare, but to me it’s perfect. Surrounded by farmland (some of which is Mum and Dad’s), with a gorgeous church, cricket pitch and local pub, it’s a real quaint English country village. Most importantly for me though, I can literally walk 10 steps out of my front door and be on the farm, with my horses which is more than I could ever dream of.

Work, Work, Work…

It’s not all perfect though… the house itself needs work. There’s no central heating and no working log burner either, so I’m currently going to bed with 3 hot water bottles and countless layers! I also have no cooker, and will have no cooker until the 14th May thanks to Rangemaster for building it from scratch and needing an electrician! But, that has it’s plus sides – I get to eat supper cooked by my mum until then (winner winner chicken dinner for definite!!). Every room needs overhauling and eventually, some structural work needs to take place to get the house perfect for us. But the views… well that’s what we’ve paid our money for. The house backs onto my family farm and so every morning I am greeted with the best views, so its worth all the imperfections of the house!

Since moving in 3 weeks ago, it’s literally been non-stop (hence the lack of posting). I’ve had my very own DIY SOS team, consisting of both sets of parents, uncles, aunties and cousins all helping out and to be completely honest, the house looks nothing like it did when we set foot through the door. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still loads to do, but I’m really looking forward to sharing our DIY’ing and renovating with you…it’s definitely new territory for me so any tips and advice are very much welcomed! I’d also love to hear your thoughts on the changes we have made already and the ones we plan to make. I’m also looking forward to getting to the exciting bit…picking cushions and interiors to make the house our own!

Work being overseen by Oscar – head of Quality Control!

It’s a new angle for the blog too, of course it will remain predominantly as a country style blog – It’s important to me that I stay loyal to my roots, but equally it’s very hard to look stylish in old clothes covered in paint and I want to keep you all up to date!

So, I really hope you enjoy following our journey and seeing our progress!  X

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