Skin Treats from The Soap Co.

Before I start writing this post I have to put a disclaimer out there that I am no skincare/beauty regime expert. I’m not even a beginner. In fact I’m probably the most useless girl out there, I rarely wear make-up and when I do regardless of whether it takes me 10 minutes or an hour, I still somehow look the same. So I’ll take the extra 10 minutes in the morning to do something useful, like mucking out rather than tending to my skin.

But my mum always says to me ‘Harriet you should look after your skin, you only get one of them’ and she is so right. So I guess, although I’m not really qualified to write this post, if a skin care product has inspired me to write a post it must be a good one.

Now, with the return of Top Picks, I want the products to do the talking which is so hard because I want to tell you all about the company behind them! But here goes… I recently received a bottle of Wild Nettle & Sage Hand Lotion and a matching Soap Bar from The Soap Co.  I have to say I was pretty intrigued. When I think of nettles I immediately think of all the stings I’ve gathered over the years thanks to the pesky things, but actually combined with 13 other natural oils, they make the most delicious and nourishing hand lotion. The scent is so reminiscent it takes you right into the middle of the Great British countryside on a sunny spring afternoon – which is the main reason for me keeping it on my desk at work, a little reminder of my favourite place in the most stressful situations! It’s also super nourishing, I know all of my fellow equestrians will empathise with cracked, chapped and generally uncared for hands (particularly over the winter months), so you will all rejoice with this superstar hand lotion which makes even the hardest working hands soft and supple.


Ok, so all the selfish points over and done with – it’s great for us. But what about all the other positives, because let me tell you – theres lots. All of the Soap Co. products are handmade in the UK (tick), from quality ingredients (another tick) which are natural, eco-friendly and suitable for vegans. Although I’m not a vegan, I do appreciate the opinions of others and having a few vegan friends, I know this is going to be a huge positive for them.

All companies should be taking a leaf out of this brands ethos – making the gorgeous packaging with minimal plastic, compostable and biodegradable components in addition to sourcing all ingredients (packaging and product) from the UK as well as refraining from animal testing (which in my opinion should be banned for anything that is manufactured for vanity and non-necessity) and committing to employing those less able, this company really have hit the nail on the head. And with no preaching either.

There’s so many great things about this brilliant British brand that I could spend all day talking about them, but I think the products do the talking for themselves. The Wild Nettle & Sage fragrance is only one of 5 choices and although I’ve not tried them all (yet!) I’m confident they will all be as gorgeous as the one I do have. Theres also frangrance free options for those with sensitive skin. And whats more, some of the ranges are bee friendly (the Wild Nettle and Sage is one), which is brilliant. Were all hearing the sad news about our declining bee population in the UK, so whatever we can do to help – we absolutely should, and even better if it means we can treat ourselves too! So how does it help? Well, the borage and calendula botanicals contained within the products  have long flowering seasons compared to lavender and heather. This reduces the risk of bee colonies starving over the June nectar gap, and provides a regular source of nectar after August for last minute nectar collection pre-winter. Apparently, every bottle sold helps 10 – 20 bees, so thats reason enough in my eyes to get shopping!

It’s not just hand lotion either, each fragrance range contains body washes, lotions and soaps too, as well as some gorgeous gift sets (I’m definitely taking gift inspirations for birthdays!) so theres lots of opportunity to do your bit for the environment, help the bees, smell and feel good – phew, theres a lot of good stuff going on there!

Also, really intriguingly The Soap Co. have this amazing soap pebble which is made from the wool of Herdswick sheep local to the companies Lake District factory. Each one is handmade (taking approximately 4 weeks to craft!) and contains lots of gorgeous enriching coco butter and coconut oil – its the perfect eco-friendly replacement for your plastic loofer and much prettier too! It’s definitely the next on my list, but I’ll need to be quick as I know once you hear about them you’ll want one too!


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