Glorious Glamping

If any of you saw my Instagram over the last couple of days, you may have noticed a change in my surroundings. Swapping our half-renovated village home in Derbyshire for the rolling Blackdown Hills in Somerset, Dimpsey Glamping was certainly a welcome sight after months of stress, paintbrushes and gardening tools! Dimpsey really is a slice of heaven set in the beautiful Somerset countryside and returning was everything I hoped for and more.


Some of you may be familiar with Dimpsey, as I visited this award-winning, luxurious yet quirky Shepard’s Hut back in 2016 not long after Dimpsey opened it’s doors to the public. You can read my first review of Dimpsey here, but in short – it found a special place in my heart. So much so that I couldn’t wait to return. I think this is the biggest compliment I could pay Dimpsey and certainly something that sums up my opinion of the glorious Shepard’s Hut which has totally transformed my opinions on Glamping.

You can visit somewhere and enjoy the experience, love it even, but if you are prepared to visit the same place again and again, that’s testament to a true connection with a special place. And that place for me is Dimpsey.

After seeing the hut in the very depths of winter it was such a treat to return for some much needed rest and relaxation in the summer months and see Dimpsey in a different season. I was not disappointed! I can safely say that the hut is perfectly suited to every time of year, adapting very slightly and bringing something different to your stay depending on the season. That’s what so unique about Dimpsey – there’s something (or nothing!) to do regardless of the weather. Super cosy in the winter snuggled with a book next to the log burner sipping a cup of hot chocolate (from the famous hot chocolate corner – worth visit in it’s own right!), or sat outside in the summer sunshine cooking pizza in the wood fired oven, playing garden games or enjoying a dip in the gorgeous wood-fired hot tub.

Enjoying a dip in the spectacular wood-fired hot tub with a glass of Devon’s finest sparkling Rose

So I’m not going to sum up the details of Dimpsey because I think I covered that in my last review. Instead what I wanted to share with you this time is what I got from the experience, what I loved, why I think you should visit and why I’m planning to return yet again in the not too distant future!

What I got from the Dimpsey experience

First and foremost I got a break! Which I know sounds really obvious, but for me particularly at the moment, switching off is not something I am good at. Right now I’m in the middle of a really stressful and important time at work, something so important it could help to shape my career if I do a good job (no pressure!). I’m also trying to finish my very last MSc module coursework (2 pieces no less!) as well as start my MSc research dissertation project (something that also ties into corporate objectives at work). On top of that, I’m trying to get my beautiful horse out competing or at least preparing for competing. Oh, and I’m also trying to renovate our lovely new home, keep up with my blog, be a good friend by replying to text messages and at least acknowledge my other half every once in a while. Phew! It makes my head hurt just thinking about what’s going on, but hopefully you get the picture – life is pretty busy right now. So a couple of days off (which was actually supposed to be a week, but for the reasons above was cut decidedly shorter than a week!) to unwind was a pretty special thing.

Dimpsey has that special aura, a certain feeling or vibe, that you immediately feel calm and at peace when you walk through the gate. I don’t know if its the gentle smell of lavender as you graze past the bushes outside the hut, or the hushed almost melodic tones of the neighbouring sheep chewing the grass. I’m not sure I can put my finger on one thing but something makes you relax as soon as you step in the door.

I also reconnected with my creative side which was such a special feeling. Most days I’m knee deep in scientific, pharmaceutical or medical documents that when I get home the last thing I want to do is read. Anything. My brain is 100% scrambled and I can’t take in anything else. And yet I absolutely love to read, to learn and to create. So being at Dimpsey gave me the opportunity to rediscover that by offering a sanctuary away from wifi, work and everyday life. There’s so many books and carefully selected magazines to read, colouring books to practise mindfulness, activities such as knitting or good old fashioned games to play. I’d forgotten just how wonderful a simple game of cards can be, or even a conversation with a loved one that’s not plagued by phones going off every 5 minutes or the TV blaring in the background. I am leaving Dimpsey taking away just how important it is for my wellbeing to spend time away from electronics and really engaging with myself, my thoughts and my surroundings.

Dimpsey really is a source of inspiration!

What I loved

It’s a cop out to say everything isn’t it? But truly, I cannot think of one thing that wasn’t perfect. Everything in the hut is carefully selected to showcase the very best of the surroundings. Artisan and vintage pieces fill the hut with interesting and beautiful objects – theres a story to everything, so much so you’ll be making a shopping list (I may have done the same…) of all the lovely things you discover whilst you’re in the hut. If I have to narrow the list down slightly, I would definitely pick the wood fired hot tub out as a highlight. Sitting under the stars, with nothing but the sound of sheep and the gentle breeze through the surrounding trees really is a special experience and something to treasure.

Why you should visit

Havent I given you enough reasons yet?? Ok if you need a few more, here goes:

  • The hosts. Emma & Andrew are quite honestly the perfect hosts and you’d have to go a very long way to beat their hosting. Nothing is too much trouble, everything is carefully thought through – whether you’re visiting for a special occasion or not, they make you feel like the most important people in the world. Not sure where to go or what to do? Emma and Andrew have a recommendation to suit every need, you’ll honestly wonder whether they know what you want more than you do!
  • The setting – glorious Somerset countryside that’s close enough to the Devon seaside, what more could you want?! Surrounded by so many amazing eateries, shops and places to visit yet completely closed off from the outside world.
  • A home away from home. Not a term I like to use lightly but one that is absolutely justified here. Dimpsey is so welcoming and cosy that you will never want to leave!
  • It’s award winning. Dimpsey has scooped a number of awards, recognised by some of the very best in the business which means you know it’s got to be good.

I love everything about Dimpsey so I know I’m biased in my review but it’s completely justified. From the first visit Dimpsey had won my heart and quite honestly I can’t think of a better place to visit – for any occasion. That said, there’s going to be some really exciting developments at Dimpsey over the coming months and years that are set to make this special place even better (I can’t believe Im saying that because I honestly didn’t think it possible!).

I can only convey so much about Dimpsey in words, which only go so far to how much I love this place. I think to get the picture you really need to experience Dimpsey for yourself and trust me – you will not be disappointed!

H. x


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