A Girl About Country is all about my passion for country style and pursuits.

Born and raised on a farm in the Heart of England I am a country girl through and through, most often found in a muddy field wearing wellies and sporting hay or straw in my hair (thanks to my wonderful horses!). That said, I do have a passion for country style and am infamously known for having a rather bad shopping habit…


A Girl About Country

I am often contacted by friends, family and, most recently, Instagram followers for style advice or questions about where I have bought my clothes, shoes, accessories etc. from. So that’s where the idea for A Girl About Country was born.

I am passionate about country style and finding good quality British made products that really capture the essence of the countryside. All of the products featured on my blog are reviewed honestly and are things that have been tried, tested and most importantly, loved by myself.

Welcome to my world

The lifestyle content shows how I love to spend my spare time, my hobbies (new and old) and an insight into what life is like as the daughter of a Farmer in the heart of England.


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Are you a lover of all things country or would you like to feature on my blog? If so, I’d love to hear from you.

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