As you know, the purpose of my blog is to share my favourite country brands and companies (and my very apparent love/obsession with shopping!) with you which is brilliant as there are lots of fabulous brands to choose from! All of the companies I do feature are ones that I genuinely love – I’m quite picky so I only want to share my very favourites with you. However, there are a few special companies that I am incredibly honoured to act as a Brand Ambassador for (now, whether this means anything other than I am a serious shopaholic with these particular brands or not, I’ll let you decide…), so it’s only fair that I give them a little mention:



There’s very good reason that Ariat has always been a firm favourite of mine. Considered one of the top Equestrian sporting brands across the globe and loved by the very best equestrian athletes (and Vogue!). Famed for their innovative technology to produce the highest quality equestrian apparel, but also managing to make it super stylish – every self-respecting equestrian lady wants to be seen in Ariat clothing and footwear – whether that be on the yard or out shopping.

Visit Ariat.


Fairfax & Favor

Where the very idea for my blog first started, what can I say about Fairfax & Favor? It’s very obvious how much I love this brand, just take a look in my wardrobe that pretty much resembles their new showroom! The very best British luxury lifestyle brand that so effortlessly combines Country Classic with City Chic, producing the most sought after boots, shoes and bags of the highest quality that are both timeless investment pieces but bang on trend at the same time.

Visit Fairfax & Favor.


Femmes Fatales

Femmes Fatales as you already know, are my very favourite shooting club. A group of seriously amazing women that are not only hard-working, inspiring and glamorous but aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and get stuck in! Responsible for introducing total novices who have never seen a shotgun before right through to organising simulated clay days for the most experienced shots. But Femmes Fatales are so much more than that to me, it has enabled me to find some of my closest friends and expand my social life so much further than just shooting! I am extremely honoured to be “Official Blogger” for the best she-wolf pack a girl could wish for!

Visit Femmes Fatales.


Hiho Silver

Based in the glorious Somerset countryside, Hiho Silver’s ethos is all about replicating those little things that we all love so much about the countryside and turning them into the best quality, most hardwearing and simply stunning jewellery. Hiho work with some of the most celebrated UK jewellers for specific collaborations, source some very limited edition pieces from artisan producers across the globe, but most importantly design and make the majority of their offerings themselves. Customer’s are the key focus for Hiho, who are constantly developing new ideas and designing new products based on what the customer wants – yep they actually listen to us! They pride themselves on customer service, innovative designs that perfectly capture the essence of equestrian and country life and are quite frankly the nicest, down to earth people I know!

Visit Hiho Silver.


House of Cheviot

Based in Scotland, who know a thing or two about producing the very best wools and tweeds, HoC are responsible for the finest country socks around. Anyone who has ever worn a pair of Wellies know how important it is to have a good pair of socks and HoC make the best. From thick woolen socks that are the perfect accompaniment to a cold winter’s day shooting to the softest cashmere bed socks, all hand-finished and made from the world’s finest materials, HoC has something for everyone.

Visit House of Cheviot


Mackenzie & George

Another firm favourite of mine for so many reasons, this British brand are fast becoming the top choice for country style accessories. Mackenzie & George is ran by the two of the hardest working people in business out of their rural Shropshire base. They produce the best quality accessories from the best quality materials, made by hand in Britain to produce timeless classic accessories that can elevate any outfit – town or country – from fine to fabulous that are built to last.

Visit Mackenzie & George


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